Nasty perverts

This is the nastiest site I have ever seen...a bunch of perverts this site is dangerous the confessions are real and the worst case scenarios are just getting started ....they are encouraging each other to believe this way of thinking is norming fueling each others desires through continuous talking of little girls hate and murder....there is inde a h*** and you all will explain your anonymous desires to our maker who can see your face clear as day...hope you all get locked away with the key thrown out of space

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  • I'm a filthy extreme pervert and love it especially young girls

  • I am an assistant state attorney, I put guys like you in Jail every day. 1 single count can get you 15 years. Go ahead, make my court day.

  • It's not the perversions that trouble me most about this site: it's the unbelievably bad spelling and punctuation. I would say it's like third-grade English class, but that would be an insult to third-graders. :)

  • Hey, all I did was tell people about how much I love to f*** the lady next door. Her husband and my wife are clueless. We s**** in their bed and I've shot my load on his pillow. Haaaaaaaa. What's so bad about that?

  • There's nothing bad about it at all. It's admirable, and it's hot, and it's nasty. There's really nothing even half as exciting as adultery, and there's no adultery like cheating with the spouse of someone you know really well. Keep f****** her in her marital bed, keep c****** on his pillow, and when you bring HER over to YOUR house, get her to pee on the part of your bed where your wife sleeps. Nasty? Yesssss........VERY nasty. Don't you just LOVE it??! Of course you do.

  • Kiss my t***, Perv!

  • Okay, I'll do that, as soon as you finish sandblasting and powerwashing it.

  • You are a shameless pig!

  • Lol!!

  • Do u have kids ?can i meet them? or a least watch them s***? does ur dog like penut butter?i once f***** a was asking for it....the w****

  • F*** you and suck my t***!

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