Addicted to meth and pregnant

To keep it short im 6 months pregnant and do meth. No one around me knows except my so called boyfriend who wants nothing do to with me who only keeps me around cuz he cant get rid of me cuz i always go back. I am scared to death my baby wont be ok when he is born. Im scared im going to raise this child on my own. I feel ashamed and guilty for my actions but i cant stop. I feel more alone now then before i was p.renant

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  • I am too. its hard to stop..especially if u r alone. we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start living for our babies! best of luck!

  • stop doing meth? Get clean. Do the responsible thing. Not what feels good to you. people like you are the reason that kids like me have to grow up in s***** foster homes. Just like my dead beat mother. Loved me but loved her damn drugs more.

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