I dont understand

I don't understand how you could have a daughter who live a few min away from you & don't bother to see her. I don't understand how you have my number but never call. I don't understand how you could let yrs go by without a happy B-Day, Merry Christmas,Happy Thanksgivng or Happy New Year. I don't understand how my grandma could get really sick & raced to the hospital & u not even tell me. I had to hear from a stranger. The worst part. You wouldn't bring me around enough for me to get to know my only grandma whose living. I just don't understand. But all this is making me hate u more & more. I bet you do so much for your step kids but do NOTHING for your ONLY daughter. You'll need me one day & I won't even be there. So call father you are.

Mar 10, 2012

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