A soldier's welcome...

I never would have thought it could happen to me..in the sandbox (middle east)I've heard stories about unfaithful girlfriends and wives. Let me take you back a year..I'm in infantry on my first tour which would be for 8 months. I kiss my girlfriend who i've been dating for almost a year and a half and have moved in with. And i pet my dog, buckey, (who's i've raised since before i met her) goodbye.

Month 2: I miss you baby

Months 3: When are you coming home?

Months 5: Yeah James is just a co-worker. Me and him just go out to have drinks while i wait for you to come home baby :)

Months 6: His g/f kicked him out so i let him sleep here till he straighten things out.

Month 7: .....

Month 8
I get back to my apartment to find it empty. I stay with my brother for a couple of days till i find out what the hells happening. She finally returns one of my million calls in a text to tell me him and her moved in together. As for Buckey? The b**** put him in the pound because apparently "james doesnt have a feel for dogs". I've had Buckey for 7 years!! I get to the pound " sorry we had to put him to sleep, he's been here for 5 days that's our rule".

She has literally taken everything from me including man's best friend.. for a f****** part-time shelf stocker. Idk how to feel or what to do..first instinct is beat the s*** out of..SOMETHIN. Tbh the only thing that enrages me is to think that some part-time deadbeat has the audacity to make a move on a man's girl knowing that he's away fighting a war. He doesnt have the b**** to serve in the military but he has enough of them to pull some sneaky s*** like that.

It's day 3 now of being home....to nothing..


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  • Though nothing like this has ever happened to me, reading this struck something in my heart. I feel for you, and I hope that one day, you find someone better that truly deserves you. I'm terribly sorry about the loss of your dog. Losing a pet in any situation is rough. I wish you the best of luck in life, and hope that you can discover happiness and come out of this situation a stronger person.

  • That is sick. I would consider suing her for emotional damages with regard to the dog (if nothing else) honestly. And possibly for theft, since the dog was technically your "property"(?) I don't know how that works legally, but I would look into it. That's bullshit. I'm so sorry man. :( The other commenter is right though, you WILL do better. She'll be sorry she screwed around, but it will be too late because you'll be busy being happy with someone better than her.

  • Ya you deserve better and will find better sorry about Buckey I truly am. I know how that feels. I lost my mom n only had a few pictures left of her n had an ex toss them just to hurt me. Humans cam be so sickeningly inhuman.

  • F*** her man....you're a hero.
    You WILL do better!

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