Right now , in the year of 2012 , im a freshman girl . i go to catholic school , and im a black/white girl . I LOVE to sing and act !!! AND i would LOVE to be famous !!! but theres this little pric on my mind preventing me on pursuing my goal : ( well , six years ago , when i was in the 4th grade, my family had spent a christmas with another family friend. and the other family had a daughter,about the age of 7 , and im 9 . so at one point , all the children were sitting on the couch. and she wanted to sit next to me. so i was like sure . so while watching tv,she started to try to put her hands underneath my butt. so then i told her to stop or else i will tell my mom . then she was like okay ! im sorry ! then i putt my hands under her butt, and i said that feels good to you? and she replied with a smile yes . im like oooo,so i went a little deeper . then i stoped ! cuz i was realizing wat i waz doing ! then the parents called us all for dinner , and i grabbed her to the corner and , PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS !! U PINKY PINKY PROMISE !! NOBODY , and she said , i promise i wont ! and we both out a pinky on it ... Like i know that we were both just exploring cuz we are still at the young age, but for some reason all of a sudden, now freshman year , this is ALL i think about !!! LIKE I REPENTED OVER THIS, PRAYED TO GOD TO GET THIS S*** OFF MY MIND !!! AND ITS SO HARD ! like sometimes i feel like im a pervert,but is say, i didnt know any better at that age...Bottom line, i juss really wanna become famous...ut i juss wouldnt want this kinda story to come out in the public,any advice suggestions plz !!! ( AND GUYS BE SERIOUS )

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  • If you don't want anyone to find out about this now or in your future, don't open up a facebook account!!!

  • i say do it again and again until you c** thinking of it.

  • sounds like you might be a lesbian, explore that. find out who you are

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