I feel like i have no love. specially since my mom tells me in a achoholic and a drugie and i haven't really done either. i drink a lil . she has no idea. i have never done drugs or took to many. yet she took all the pills away. i get sick to much. she doesnt care. she told me she loves my brother more and threatens to hurt me alot worse then she already does. i feel ugly cuz my school "friends" tell me every day i am. yet my boyfriend and best friend say im a beautiful model. i feel fat cuz my family tells me so. when can i feel loved?..

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  • You shouldn't stick around with these people if they aren't going to treat you with respect, and accept you for whom you really are.. If they think you're ugly; you can't do anything about it, no one is perfect so they shouldn't judge! If you're family says your fat; go on a diet, at first it maybe hard, I know what it feels like.. It takes a while but when you're done it's the best feeling! :) I don't think you're either ugly or fat (well I don't know but) because than you wouldn't have a boyfriend (I guess, well, not all guys are jerks)

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