So I'm 28 and currently living with my 29 year old boyfriend. His mother stays with us cuz she has nowhere else to go. Now, his mother is extremely addicted to benzos, like zanax and klonopin. But when she is on them she turns into the most evil monster in the whole f****** world and i am NOT exagerating.

She lives to torture me. She spends the entire day sitting downstairs talking s*** about me. She calls me every name you can thinkk of, she admits that she hates me so much that i am all she thinks about but the thing is she actually enjoys hating me. She gets this evil f****** smile whenever she says something that she knows hurts me. She admitted that she sits in bed at night thinking about different ways to kill me. If my boyfriend isnt with me she really goes off, but when i tell him about it he gets mad at ME, he says I'm talking s*** about her!! Like seriously?? Telling you what she is doing to me is not talking s***! He says he doesnt want to hear it so I have to hold it all inside.

This is how bad she can get. One time she was really going off. She called the cops on me 3 times for no reason until they finally told her to stop. That p***** her off so bad she banged her f****** head on the corner of a table until she had a mark under her eye then called them again and told them i attacked her. I sat in jail for an entire f****** MONTH for something i DIDNT EVEN F****** DO!! And I have a violent charge on my record for the rest of my life!! I was found guilty because they considered that mark enough evidence!! So basically if you hate somebody just hurt yourself and throw them in jail!! F***!!

I am terrified of her. I'm sitting upstairs, afraid to go to the bathroom cuz i have to walk past her. My boyfriend is outside. And he is being really mean to me right now too actually. So i have nobody. I have nowhere else to go unless i want to go to a homeless shelter. Any advice at all would be great. Cuz I seriously wish she would just O.D. on those demon pills and I wouldn't have to be so f****** scared to PEE!!

Sep 10, 2015

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  • Record what she says. Show him.

  • Actually, I have done that. I did it after I posted this and at least now my boyfried believes me and is on my side. BUT, It still doesn't stop her. I'm trying to save up to get out of here but it feels like it's taking too long and I might do something I'll regret

  • Damn you need to break up with him! Save your money and run! If he's not going to step to her now, HE NEVER WILL! He shouldn't be allowed to even live there if she has a drug problem, she needs rehab not being there breaking up a happy home

  • RED FLAGS!!! Break up with your boyfriend and leave. Your safety is at risk. First your boyfriend enables his mother. Sure, she is his mother, and it's understandable that he doesn't want to put her on the street, but it's just allowing her to continue to use. You have no friends or family you can stay with? A homeless shelter would be better. Or even a youth hostel.. You have to leave the house and this relationship. The fact that you have a record because of this woman is enough of a reason for you to get out of there. can do way better than this guy you're with now. Break ups are hard, but you deserve way more. You are all you need. You are stronger than this. Get out of this situation.

  • Oh I agree completely. He is almost 30 and is still a mamas boy.

  • Baby girl, I lived in a homeless shelter for 6 months and it still sounds better than what you're living! Check out craigslist for roommates! That b**** is crazy, and I'm willing to bet the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as far as your non protective bf goes.

    You deserve better get out of there

  • Why are you still in this relationship? A month in jail is a definite deal breaker.

  • Lmao, yea I know!! Well, he was in there with me cuz she had him thrown in too and while we were there she sold our tablets for drugs. It's all around a crazy situation. I've actually been thinking about making youtube videos just showing what happens here on a day to day basis. Just so I don't have to feel so alone

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