Regret dumping my gf

I dumped the only girl that ever loved me 6 months ago...for very superficial reasons, basically I didn't like how riddled with cellulite her ass was. Apart from that she was the perfect girlfriend, we understood each other perfectly and she loved and accepted me despite my many faults.
Unfortunately I didn't appreciate her and couldn't stop thinking about her best friend who, as it happens, is the girlfriend of my best buddy. Even if she wasn't she still wouldn't go out with me.
Now my ex has a new boyfriend and I miss her a lot but am afraid if I told her how I feel and she did give me a second chance I would end up not fully appreciating her again and sabotage the relationship a second time.
However, I can't help but feel that she is the love of my life as in the only person who will ever understand me and still love me. So basically I have f***** up a chance of happiness and I have no one to blame but myself.


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  • I always wondered if my man loved me. He said he did but his actions never supported his words. All I wanted from him was to show me he cared for me. Never wanted him to change himself, I loved him but it only seemed he needed me on his terms. I felt unwanted, unloved. Tried to see if that feeling would change after a few months- never changed sadly. It was hard to let go since he was the man i loved.he hide almost everything from me,but the last thing to think was that he could ever be cheating on me.All thanks to ''hackingloop6@ gmail . com', for their investigative and hacking service that helped me gain remote access to all his phone activities.I was totally shocked on how much fake people can pretend to be real I finally broke up with him recently and I can seriously say I’ll miss him but I’m glad I can finally be happy and know what I deserve.

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  • well you are coming to terms with your shallow vain self and your wandering eye

    I dont think you are worth her ... but regardless , Ill try not to judge your sorry worthless deadbeat ass ...

    go tell her you are sorry , that she is an awesome person and you didnt apreciate her , be prepared to eat some s*** , and grovel .

    if she has feelings for you left that you didnt kill with your petty behaviour , you might have a chance

    but allow a girl to be imperfect .. dam , if you think a wrinkly ass is bad now wait till she is 60 and is all wrinkles ... who will you be l****** after then ??

  • haha. well i hope the girl's happy with her new bf :] i bet he loves and appreciates her like she deserves.

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