I have 4 things that i need to

I have 4 things that i need to confess

1.I had s** with my boyfriend's dad who is 40 years old and i'm only 16.

2.Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months and he thinks i only cheated on him 2 times but i have cheated on him more then 10 times.

3.I have only told one person about what i have done and that's my girlfriend. But i told her that i cheated on my ex boyfriend more then 10 times but i didn't tell her about my boyfriends dad.

4.I just find out that i'm going to have a baby and i know that the baby is my boyfriends dad but my boyfriend thinks it's his.

I don't know how i'm going to tell my boyfriend that the baby is not his it's his dad's baby it's going to break his heart if or when i tell him.And i don't know what i'm going to do about my girlfriend she dose not know about anything that's going on.I can't tell her she loves me so much i don't want to hurt her well i guess it's to late for that.I love her and my boyfriend very much i'm going to lose everything when they find out.I don't know what i'm going to do i'm goin to h*** help me.

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  • just keep f****** you bf and don't tell him everybody will be much happier including your child besides if you teel the dad will go to jail and your bf will be really p*****

  • y tha f*** wuld u even do that u f***** s***

  • what he said^ and your a w****. i cant believe he is even with you. i woulda broke up with you if i even knew you slept with someone else once. means you don't give a s*** bout your bf

  • Here is proof that what goes around..comes around. Sadly this beautiful baby's life is doomed from this point on.

  • i think your a sket and i hope youlearned your leason and will keep your nasty legs closed! but with the boyfriends dad bein the father of your baby WAY would you tell him that not only is he going to get p***** at you but then not only are you going to be a s*** your going to be a homewrecker so at least its the father of your boyfriend so the baby will still look like him! but you should tell him youve been cheating on him its not fair for him to have to put up with someone like you!

  • This has got to be one of the worst fuckups I've seen on this site in a long time. You may deserve what you get, but your son and your BF do not. Your BFs father deserves prison. You better shape the h*** up or else you're looking at a lifetime of trouble. You can do it, but get serious. And to all the other 16 year olds out there f****** around, learn something from this girl.

  • whoops, edit to the post before this. I meant to type "She screwed the Dad just LIKE the boyfriends Mom...."

    SiteShrink, maybe I should start signing my posts too. We seem to echo our thoughts a lot (Not that you could tell.). I've ended my posts sometimes with 'Best of luck!'

  • 2 up from here... You think she would marry the boyfriend? She doesn't love him and cheated a lot to prove it. DNA would show the Dad is the father, and should start paying support. That is unless she moves in to be common-law or something close to that. She screwed the Dad just the boyfriends Mom did (I expect she's out of the picture for some other reason not mentioned.). So, while the baby will be a step-bro or step-sis, but its all still f***** up. Tell the truth OP, tell the truth and fix it in the open. Whats done is done.

  • a 40-year-old having s** with a 16-year-old is called rape.

  • Would she have to marry her boyfriends dad to become his step-mom she wouldn't be anything to him the baby will become his step-sister or step-brother she's not marrying him so she's not going to be his step-mom stupid.

  • yeah exactly what the last commenter said.


  • Hmm. Tell the f****** truth? Tell the 'boyfriend' that you are a s*** and slept around like crazy, and you don't love him. You like to tell yourself that you do. Your boyfriend also just became your step-son. You are his step-mom now, and he owes you nothing.
    When some people s**** up, they do it just a little. Nice one wrecking your life over some d***.


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