I ruined their relationship. i know i should never do such thing but im sorry, i just fell in love with him.. those times when he was crying, so vulnerable i was the one comforting him .. i was the one comforting him when he and his girlfriend had a fight. i too, was vulnerable for falling in love with him, i should have known my limits. and i learned my lessons coz i know whatever happens he would still go back to his girl. and not me.

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  • Find your own man. Leave the poor girl's relationship alone, homewrecker.

  • Um, maybe this isn't my place, but...

    Well, Last night I had a similar thing happen. A girl came to my place last night. I like her, I really, really like her. Its kind of frustrating...I barely know her, shes 19 and I'm 23, we're in college and thats like a minefield for relationships. She admitted that "look" she'd been giving me meant something but....I have a girlfriend.

    So we left it at that. I'm pretty upset about it today, because I have NO IDEA where things are going with my current gf who I also love very much but its been really bad lately...

    The point is, if you want my opinion, tell him. The honest conversation I had last night felt very liberating even if its still frustrating today, its much less than it would be if I was still wondering. If I were him I'd want to know. Just make sure your feelings extend past the shoulder to cry on and into something deeper and more meaningful. A supportive friend isnt necessarily a good match for a girlfriend and you might not see it in the moment.

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