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I am that uptight girl in my university. I wear clothes that cover my body and always excels in studies. As I needn't mention, I have a reputation of not befriending anyone.

Well, if only they knew,

1. I have 'fun' on webcams whenever im h****.

2. I watch hardcore bondage p*** that involves torture and humiliation. I love seeing little blonde s**** getting tied and f***** like no tomorrow.

3. I write lewd stories.

4. I fantasize about giving a black guy with massive d*** a b****** and have it broadcasted in Omegle and Chatroulette LIVE. That'll be so sexy.

5. I wanna f*** a black guy. BADLY.

6. I wanna rape a Chinese man.

7. I'm the one who steals popular girls' stuff like makeup and cute clothes. of course, I never wear it in front of them.

8. I'm the one who placed hidden cams all over the university s****(there are many in my uni) and had them recorded in a CD and distributed them throughout the whole boy's dorm. Managed to throw out some s**** who bullied me when I first came to this uni. Don't mess with the nerd b******.

9. I also posted nude pictures of them doing NASTY things all over the dorm signboard.

10. I enjoy doing this things because well, the nerdy loser girl is the last one anyone would suspect.

Moral of the story: BEWARE THE QUIET ONES.

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  • So true i am wondering who this chinese person is stalking me and gonna call police soon. 还有点事在 There are also point to the, 上下左右 Down and left and right. diana ross upside done, patrick and suziq

  • You are awesome! Hahaha! I've never done anything THAT bad, but I was always the quiet person who got bullied, and I did all kinds of horrible things to the popular girls and they never knew, and I watch the same kind of p*** as you. My exes also regret f****** with me, because I am so great at revenge. I really enjoy f****** with people's minds because I'm obsessed with psychology and know how to do it well! My most recent ex was freaked out because he wasn't able to hide anything from me. I could tell when he was hiding something and what it was. We ended up breaking up because he was abusive, and when he begged for me back, I told him I loved him, sucked his d***, hate-f***** him, then told him how much he disgusted me and kicked him out again, lol.

  • yeah, links plz?

  • its true the quiet girls are the best lovers meaning s** and for actually having a relationship with theyre kind of shy but once you gain their trust hang on cuz theyre gonna rock your world

  • You got that right

  • F*** yes. B****** gotta respect us quiet ones. If the world were to go up in flames today, we'd be the last ones standing.

  • u sound British...if u r then u need to f*** a horse,just like Prince Chuck did

  • so where can i find all this stuff?

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