Last week my boy friend and I played

Last week my boy friend and I played this game. It was his idea, and he does not want me totell anyone. We went to this dance club in an area that we don't really know anyone.

I was dressed in a cute green tank....very revealing. I entered the bar first, and hung out about an hour before he got their. I was flirting...seeing how many drinks I could get guys to buy me...danced...etc. When he came in the bar.....He acted as a stalker...never talked to me....let me dance...let me flirt....and do whatever else I wanted.

These two guys were bumping, grinding, on the floor with me....and the BF watched. During the evening, I made out with both of them. The BF watched from a far.

Now, after a while - one of the guys wanted to take me to his hotel room (accross the street),,,,he told me he wanted to godown on me. I told him I needed to use the restroom.....I chatted with the BF.....he said do long as nothing else happened....SO I went to the room , made out....fooled around....
I went back to the bar after a little while....and found the BF....he was flirting and dancing also.

Welll, we went back home, and had the hottest s**. Him watching mewas a big turn on. He was turned on by it also....

He does not want me to tell any of our friends....but I had to tell someone....

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  • Yeah my wife and I tried that and when I would get action and she would not she would get jealous and act like a b****.

  • i'm too jealous to do some s*** like that i would kill a b****

  • Just be careful with this type of thing. Do not let jeasously creep in. Always have permission first and use protection. However I see a more complicated issue arising, him wanting you to play the stalker role eventually. Will you be ok, returning the favor, so to speak?

  • I still don't understand this seeing your girl with another man thing. But if it fits and you enjoy it then why stop. I say keep doing it as long as you are safe. And yeah I would keep that a secret also. LOL


  • Are you guys swingers now?

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