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I must confess that I have no idea what to do. I'm a junior in high school and a few months ago one of my really close guy friends started flirting with me. At first I would shut him down because we were friends but like all fuckboys do, he sweet talked me and gradually that flirting shifted into something a little more but not too vulgar talking. He would tell me he loves me, that I was physically attractive and appealing, and the compliments were fine with me. Then he started jokingly saying he wanted me to have his child(don't worry I made sure he was just joking because I am not trying to be a mother at any age, let alone in highschool) and that he wanted me to marry him. I would always question why he suddenly was interested me as if we haven't been friend since freshman year and he would never answer the question with a real answer. The most I got was something along the lines of I'm a good girl and I'm attractive which he thought was a rare combination at our school or something. Long story short, he tried to embarrass me online so we stopped being friends for a while until he apologized to me and meant it. But now he's trying to start back up with the whole situation and I don't know what to do. I do like him as a friend and as a crush but I don't believe that he wants anything more from me than s**(as he has stated before he isn't looking for a relationship). I don't know if I should just end the friendship altogether or keep on giving him a chance. Please help me.

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  • I guess if you really wanted to you would've cut ties with him already. You probably like the attention he gives you, which is normal but if you continue to "entertain" the situation, he will convince you or you'll end up either giving in all on your own. He already said he doesn't want a gf or relationship, if you believe anything he says let that be the only thing. He will get you and be done with the very next day.

  • He is in fact a fuckboi

  • He sounds like a black kid... He embarrassed you and that itself in any form is stupid. Especially if he said he likes you. I would not even be friends with him.

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