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First i wanna say im in my late 20s and just a little over a month ago i came across a sign for a live in assistant/partner taking care of a woman that needs to be looked after because she cant live alone, i called the number and met with the family it was a young women in her 30s asking me to watch over her mother who happened to be a very Large woman in her late 50s id estimate somewhere around 500lbs which i found very exciting in my love of Really large women i didnt make it known so i calmly told her it wouldn't be a problem for me, she told me she couldn't be around to help because she's always away on business i told her i was ok with everything, a week later i met up again with her mother and we started getting to know each other id help cook,clean, help her walk around get to the bathroom, bathe,etc. anyway a few weeks later she started treating me like a lover instead of a 'caretaker' which was amazing i told her that i love women like her and we have s** every day and its incredible even though her daughter has no idea we just tell her we keep it professional. -caretaker

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  • How did she get to be so big?

  • 1/18/15- her daughter called to checkup on her mother today asking about her and her health, and we told her everything is great she gets plenty of exercise ;), her mother told her about us and she was furious with me but after her mother explained how i make her feel she was ok with us being together despite our age difference, i love waiting on her every need helping her in & out of bed so she maintains mobility while she gains weight, since weve been together shes gained 50lbs and wants to gain more she loves her every curve, i tell her every day how beautiful she is we couldn't be happier together she is my goddess. if anyone wants to know more about us just message us here we'd be happy to answer your questions. -caretaker

  • I talked to her about her husband she said he left her when she started getting to heavy he found it to be too much for him and he left her so its better since i started taking care of her and i dont plan on leaving her and also thats why we dont want her daughter to find out she'll go crazy and we wont be able to see each other thats why im always on my guard even though shes only home once or twice a month and in my last post i was trying to say she has an amazing figure and i fully support her. -caretaker

  • When the neighbors husband died, his wife did not like being alone. Her daughter offered me money to look in on her once a day. The woman I had known for 8 years said that she wanted me to eat dinner with her or one meal per day. She would feed me good food and would pay me as well.
    I had cut her grass and fixed things when her husband was sick. I figured that would be easy.
    After dinner she started asking me to watch TV, and then hold her hand, than hold her, then kiss her. She used the bathroom and did not close the door. I walked to talk with her while she would pee, she stood up and I ask to see how thick and long her pubic hair was.
    Then I opened the top of her dress and looked down at the large breast.
    It only took a couple weeks and I led her to the bed room, I got all I wanted from her. I slept at her house some nights, some mornings i would come over and have s** with her before breakfast.
    Her daughter found out we were having s**. She ask her what a teen boy could see in a women old enough to be his mothers mother. She told her it was none of her business. She would do as she wanted.
    Almost a month later I was in her bed and we had just finished having s**. She wanted me to keep it in her and lay there. the daughter came in the house and shocked us when she came in the room.
    She forbid me to see her and that did not stop. Until she had a stroke, and had to be placed in a nursing home.
    When she died she left me the house and a pile of money. She left the daughter nothing but one dollar. She did not care for that at all

  • We both agreed on her daughter never finding out, today we showered together and laid in bed together for most of the day i looked into her crystal blue eyes and we talked she told me she refuses to diet and loves every inch of her soft body and i told her i support her and any weight she gains, she already has an amazing she has the softest jigglies belly that almost hangs to her feet, her b****** are 46N, crystal blue eyes and golden blonde hair and a great personality its so sexy that the only thing she wears is a bedsheet we're perfect for each other. -caretaker

  • Good for you. Just keep it a secret between you and the mother, and enjoy.

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