Please accept me.

I've been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now. I consider her my best friend and I'm incredibly in love with her. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with her, and I want to propose soon.
But there's a problem. I'm an Arab and Muslim. She and her family are Catholic (though she doesn't really practice the religion much). I don't think they like me very much because of my heritage and religion. Her brother is a veteran who has been deployed to Iraq, and he's always been a bit cold towards me. The rest of her family is skeptical of our relationship. Her sister is the only one who has accepted me, and even calls me her brother.
Still, it bothers me. I want to ask them if I can marry her, but I'm sure they'll say no, without even thinking twice about it.
I wish they understood that I'm not trying to take her away from them. I'm not going to force her to convert or wear a hijab. I would never let anyone hurt her. All I want to do is be able to spend the rest of my life with her. Is that too much to ask?

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  • Does she have any pet Pigs?

  • Try to coax the family into accepting your Islamic values.

    Start with revamping your religious image (try to prove to them that 9/11 was just a conspiracy to attack Islam and that it's the fastest growing religion in the world).

  • Listen man, if you want to marry her by the rules you can so thats all you need. Talk to her and tell her I want to marry you and probably both of you might lose your family because of it. But believe me man it isn't really worth it. I was in the same situation and I dumped my girl for my faith and always I go back to it I smile and say good for me because she is living in a bad way now. And imagine you take your kids to the mosque and your wife take them to the church on Sundays. The kid will be raised confused about religions and at the end big chance he won't follow any. I just think the risks and the problems you will face isn't worth it but you do what you think is right for you.

  • Leave the Islam, otherwise you will ruin her life or she will your.

  • Don't leave islam it is the religion of truth, just invite her into islam as you cannot marry her as catholic- A muslim man can only marry a practising christian or jew or muslim.

  • know will about islam and you will know islam is not the religion of truth

  • Faith is very important, have you considered the consequences of a marriage with two different religions? When you have children, what will you teach them? My fear for you would be that religion would become multiple choice. Do you consider that a danger zone for you, her, and family? I think the love you have for her is real because of taking the time to post this, so I am not trying to be negative. I have been married for 9 years and I think there are a lot of conversations that should happen before a life long vow. I wish somebody would have given me conversation starters that we could had beforehand so we could make a plan for resolution. Plans fail I know but having the conversations will in a sense prepare you. I am just possible giving you some things to consider because our faith is beyond this life. I wish you the best. It would never hurt to wait awhile, if she is the person you can spend the rest of your life with then waiting for a little longer for family to be supportive should not hinder your relationship, it should make you stronger. Family is everything, having their support is good for both of you and possible your future family.

  • We've been best friends for over six years, dating for one.
    She and I have been talking heavily about marriage and children, but she's in no rush because of the issues surrounding us getting married. I told her that I am fine with the children being raised Catholic, as long as they learn about Islam as well. It's her family and parts of mine that we feel need to understand about our love for each other.
    My immediate family approves of her (my dad didn't like her at first, but they get along very well now; my mom loves her and my siblings, especially my sister, often spend time with her), though I have some cousins who are openly mean towards her and have mocked our relationship, so I plan to sit down with my entire family, talk to them, and then hers very soon (within the week!)
    Wish me luck!

  • dude... talk to her and see what she thinks about it and if she accepts then just do what my gf and i will do... we are going to sit with them TELL THEM that we are planning to get married and say that all we want from them are there blessings and if they dont want to give them to us well that is fine too... but that it would mean lots to us. then just go to the court and get married with no one else but us. to avoid problems and spoil such a special day that is...
    but hey its what we'll do... communication between you and your girl is the main thing that will make your marriage work not family...nor money... nor any laws on earth... talk to her and ask her opinion

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