Bulge in pants

Hey older women, between the ages of 40 and 55, if your son was 25 and his friend came over with a bulge in his pants that made it look like he was wearing a cup, would you say anything to him, and what would it be.

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  • I'm in my mid 50's at the time, and was w/my wife and mother at a restaurant, it was warm weather and wearing a pair of shorts, and this waitress, in her late 30's-40's, was commenting on my legs, and obviously was looking at my "pkg"! My wife and mother won't ever return to the restaurant. I've had no desire to either!

  • My wife has already had 4 opportunities of watching guys w*** off in her presence. Big turn-on for her and I reap the benefits.

  • Can I be a 5th. ?

  • I know, I mean I'm not trying to use it to get some one, I was just wondering if girls look, so that maybe I can catch a girl looking and if I'm interested talk to her.

  • Make up your mind. "Girls" or "older women"? And is it maybe just possible you could think of something else to offer besides false advertising?

  • I haven't notice a smile or anything, I mean I haven't tried it to many places or at my friend's house, but from what I can tell nothing.

  • Maybe you're concentrating too much looking for signals, that you're overlooking someone. I don't know. A girl has to be pretty brazen to come up and say something. Not all attention is good attention. You may not be interested in the girl who comes up to say something. I think you need to just be you. Go with your buddies this weekend, out to the clubs and bars and go and meet some nice girls. Find someone that will appreciate all of you..

  • I have been and got nothing, but I only did it twice.

  • You get nothing? Not even a smile or some girl flirting with you? Or are you strictly looking for a comment? I'm sure that they are noticing, just not saying anything.

  • So is it worth walking around with a bulge, will it get women to talk to me at least?

  • Why don't you just try it and see what response you get.

  • Brenda says:

    MALE S***!

  • Well I go out, I was just wondering if its even worth me showing it off when I wear pants that show it, like I don't want to be sitting there with a bulge and no one noticing.

  • ps do girls watch videos of guys jerking off?

  • Hmmm, this girl does. I love to see a man stroking his handsome c***! Makes me soooo very wet.

  • And when I see it’s wet , I stroke harder . Yummm !

  • My kind of woman

  • Your location

  • Wisconsin , yours ?

  • You can watch me stroke mine!

  • C'mon bro. This was creepy even back in the AOL Chatrooms, '95-96 era. a/s/l was pretty commonplace, if not mandatory to get somewhere but you could start a conversation with a simple one-liner, or a quip etc. It's especially way off the beaten path when it comes at complete random moments. To me, this is like a remnant of the Internet Past and basically, what I'm trying to get at here is... You are undoubtedly a fat, hairy creeper from the 90s who was 18-25 back then and touching kids at your bicycle and computer repair shop. Chris Hansen type.

  • okay, well do you think if I walked around with one she will realize, and my friend said if his mom wants to have s** with me, he is okay with it.

  • ps I ain't gonna try it, I was just wondering if women look at bulges and if a bulge enough is gonna get them, cause I am single, she isn't and I would next disrespect that.

  • (f) If it's noticeable I'll look. I try and be discreet.

  • She may notice and just not comment. Women look at bulges and backsides, and your eyes.. lots of other things. We're looking for the whole package (not just the one in your pants). Depends on what you're looking for..a quick lay or a relationship. You guys are 25, go to the bars or the gym, I'm sure you can find lots of girls to hook up with there.

  • How about you? You doing anything this weekend?

  • okay, do you think if I walk around the house like that, she will notice, some times she sits down and talks to us, so it would be at her eye level if I'm standing up, and my p**** is 9 inches long, and 6 inches in girth, is that enough to make her cheat on her husband?

  • Gosh yes, but you should go commando in pants that will show your p**** to maximum advantage. And spray some seductive cologne on it to seal the deal. Once she inhales that aphrodisiac and sees the passion in your pants, she'll become too lost in l*** to consider any consequences. Possessing your p**** will become the single most important thing in her life and she will move heaven and earth to have it.

    P.S. Be careful what you wish for.

  • For openers I would stare boldly at his bulge and gently grab it and say, "Oh my, what have we here?"

  • I would say excuse me (Son's friend), is your d*** on steroids or something?

  • How or I should say, when did it ever become okay...and I'm talking even back when I was in HS 1998-02...for adult women to talk sexual and even act upon or admit to acting upon sexual activities with high school boys and nobody pays it any mind? Yeah if they get caught, or the kid rats on his teacher, maybe for a reason...$, notoriety, who knows. The mother finds text msgs I'd guess at being a possible path. But, still... In the news, it comes and goes, not a thing more;--even in the Twitter/FB world we live in. Yet, the second it is all about Priests and little boys, or men as pedophiles period... I don't know. It's so sick in every model I paint for this example. I just feel like the only time any major attention is if the woman is overweight or "ugly" by societal consensus and stereotypically ignorant standards, because if she is young and attractive by those same ways and means? It's all, "I'd love it if she were MY teacher" or whatever. I know there is someone reading this who randomly stumbled onto this website.

  • I'd hit it.

    Shirley From Jersey

  • I'd say is that a cup in your pants or are you glad to see me?

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