A Life of Crime Appeals To Me More and More

I hate the legitimate world. The s***** jobs with the lousy pay and some a****** boss breathing down your neck...kissing interviewer's a**** so that you can be hired for a position you might not even want.

But "legitimate" is a relative term in the straight world: I've worked for above-ground businesses that had no f****** ethics whatsoever and some of their practices I'm sure were technically illegal. Politicians lie, cheat and defraud us all. Every corporation f**** people in the ass in some way. If you think there's nothing criminal about the conditions Asian sweatshop workers have to contend with on a daily basis, you are truly naive.

If you have learning disabilities or have been unable to access a post-secondary education for any other reason you're consigned to poverty and debt for the rest of your life. You'll have demeaning jobs and worry about your finances all the time. You'll feel like a loser and people will treat you as such.

I could steal all kinds of s*** and not lose a wink of sleep at night. Law of the jungle, baby; get what you need by any means necessary.

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  • I agree working for the man stinks. However I think I value myself more then to go steal from others. If they can make it rich - so can I by being smart about it. Good luck and hope life gets better for you

  • Crimes are bad. I mean... stealing a chocolate bar is one thing, stealing a family's savings is another thing. Don't ruin people's lives for your own selfishness.

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