I absolutely hate being a dad

I never wanted children. I've never liked children. I've never thought that they were cute. I have no interest in them whatsoever. Now, I have this kid (a daughter) who I am forced to be around constantly. I act the way society wants me to act. I act like I'm proud of her and that I enjoy her company, but, in reality, I cannot stand her. She is destructive, disruptive and distracting. She always wants something. She always needs something. She's always bored. She always needs me to spend money on something. I FREAKING HATE THIS!!!
With most bad things (bad days, bad classes, bad flu) you can at least tell yourself "at least this won't be forever. I'll get through it." But this is forever! I'm stuck with this kid for the rest of my life! She is my biggest regret. My most horrible mistake and I wish, everyday, that I could go back and never have her. Because of her, I'll never get into another relationship, or ever be with a woman again. It's not worth another one of her.

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  • I also dislike kids, that's why I don't have any... But I think that there is something worse than making a mistake and it is being stuck to it, to let the mistake spread into the future. My advice: get rid of her. Society is not very understandful with this kind of mistakes but at the end is your life not Society's life. It is just you who will have a terrible life. So, be brave, and face reality as people who are gay had to face their sexuality and tell the world "sorry, but that is not for me". Maybe your parents want to take over the kid? Or you can give her for adoption? She rather be in a family with people who like kids. It is also the best for her.

  • Poor child. Well, you should have thought about all that before getting your girlfriend pregnant, don't you think? Now that little girl is never going to have a real dad in her life. What has she done to you? Nothing. And now all her life is gonna be a mess just because you made a mistake. The mistake is yours, not hers. And mostly, NOT HER. Have some respect for her and at least try to love her, because she deserves it. Everyone deserves to have a dad. There's so many people out there losing their kids, so many people that can't be mums and dads and you're here, complaining about having a healthy daughter. Have some shame. Feel really sorry for her, though. God bless that little girl.

  • That other people have other problems does not mean this dad has to love his child. It is impossible to love by command. He should just confront reality and solve his problem.

  • I feel bad for you buddy. I hate kids too. Couldnt you just give her to hedr mother and just disappear? It'd be worth a name change to be free of your hellion.
    I got super sick with the flu and as a result my birth control pill didnt work (from all the throwing up and bathroom trips) and it was the worst possible thing that could have happed at that point in my life. My boyfriend was SO HAPPY, he didnt want me to do anything but have the stupid thing. So I stopped eating and tripled my work load at the gym, which didnt do a thing. So I dumped the boyfriend and got rid of the mistake. Best thing I ever did.
    I say just leave. If you hate her that much it'd be better for both of you to just go.

  • Lol love ur first line. Are u a bogan?

  • You sound like such a selfish loser. I lost my daughter last year and not a second goes by that I don't miss her. Having a healthy child is the greatest blessing a person can have. Stop being such a c*nt and enjoy the moments you have together. One day you'll be old and look back in regret at what an immature a**hole you were!

  • I'm sorry for your loss but be tolerant with people who are not like you. You loved your daughter and she passed away, well, he doesn't love his daughter. Understand that is therefore a different case!! Assume not everybody enjoys and loves the same things! For you having a child is the best, great, but THAT IS FOR YOU. I hate kids too, and I am not telling you that you have to hate them too... Everybody should find what suits them.

  • Not everyone is cut out for parenthood tho. You cant blame the guy for being honest. I hate children, well any kid that isn't trained properly to behave like a human being. I'm sick of going to nice restaurants only to have some knobgobbler and her husband enjoying their meal while their kids are running amok and hollering. There is a place for that, called McDonald's. If the kids are sitting at their own table and being reasonably quiet I don't mind.
    Last month at brunch a woman proceeded to CHANGE HER DAUGHTERS DIRTY DIAPER ON AN EMPTY TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT. People were furious. The server wouldn't ask her to relocate after we showed her what was happening so we walked out. Four other tables followed us. Children suck, and its usually because their parents suck at parenting.

  • How old are you? although i dont have children i completely understand you and you shouldnt feel as if this is the end to your life... I gotta say not many guys are willing to at least pretend to love their kids and willing to spend time with them... Having a kid is a big responsibility but that does not mean your life is over... You can most definitely still date and find a woman to marry so stop seeing your kid as something so bad... Someone who truly loves you will not just give up on you or not love you because you have a daughter... Im in a serious relationship w my bf of 2yrs and he has a kid and although i would of loved for him not to have had a kid with his ex who actually got her kid taken away cuz shes a druggy so now he has full custody.. I love him and its not the kids fault and i dont really like kids tbh but oh well... Just dont let there be lots of baby momma drama be a good responsible father and love yourself and you will be good :)

  • Grow up, juvenile delinquent!

  • Yeah, this is why I'm child free.

  • Your a f*** head, one day she will hate you too.. Haven't you ever heard of safe s**!

  • Safe s** fails. And then? Remember he is the dad not the mum.

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