I hate being 'hot'

I'm "hot", or so I am told. I am not a narcissist - I do not think I am hot; just others. It disgusts me that strangers will slow down their cars, whistle, make obnoxious noises and gestures at me, and so on. I have never had a guy friend, because I have yet to find a guy who can be friends with me without letting the way I look get in the way. I gained weight intentionally, and even this didn't stop the comments. I am disgusted with society. But most of all, I'm lonely. Boys just see me as an object; girls often resent me. I do not mean to sound ungrateful, but I truly wish I looked "average", whatever that is. Then, perhaps, I'd have some true friends.

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  • You also have a good sense of humor.

  • post a link to a photobucket picture

  • Oviously they are interested in looks.I dont care how my guy looks,it is just who he really is that matters.

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