What's the point?

I've made friends with this girl who i liked right off the bat. The reason we can't date is because her family is racist. She's literally a "guy's girl" beer, sports, guns, s** jokes u name it plus she's in great shape and hold a nice figure. She's a VERY cool person to be around and i'm liking her more and more. She doesnt want to cause tension in her family by bringing home a guy who's not white and i understand.

A few months ago she got a boyfriend. He's also cool but i've never hung out with him. They are deep in love and are thinking about moving in with each other. For some reason i started wanting to hang out with her less and less because it hurts knowing that i'm in love with her but cant have her. I know the more i hang out with her the more i'll fall into love that i cant have.

Does that make me selfish or shallow? I mean, idk if the feeling i have for her will die down or just get stronger and i really dont want neither to happen.

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