If I Let You Go

I am a 14-year-old, shy boy. I like a girl named Julianne. She has very bad vision, and a better hearing than most, resulting in her being very silent and withdrawn. But when she allows you to see it, she has a great personality.

We are both very shy, and I'm terrified of how she'd react if I told her, and I'm way too much of a coward to do so. It just ends up with me doing things that hint, both afraid and hoping that she'll notice them. Most, maybe all, of our common best friends know, but I've made them promise not to tell anyone, especially not her. I secretly hope that one of them breaks the promise, but as they are all good friends, I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

I am very confused and uncertain, both self-confident and shy. That is self-confident on the outside (at least I like to think I am, but I guess it's quite transparent), but shy on the inside. Also, I don't know whether or not she likes me. There seem to be signs of it, like when she looks at me, or the fact that I (quite correctly) was her first guess when I sent her an anonymous Valentine's card last year. When she asked (I'm not sure if she was serious) if it was me, I couldn't lie. I said yes, and instantly regretted it. However, the card was sent to give her a hint, and if I'd said no, it would be pointless. It hasn't been mentioned since. Maybe she has forgotten it. That is the only time I ever admitted to it in front of her. But as I said, I don't know if she took it seriously.


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  • I'm A Gay Boy...I Have "A Crush On A Cute Boy...We Like To Kiss Each Other.

  • If you really like her, then picking some wildflowers and giving them to her in front of your friends would no only prove that you like her, but also prove that you don't care who knows it. It's spring...flowers are everywhere. Go for it man.


  • If you feel like you're both ready to go out, then go for it. If not, don't be afraid to take some time. (I know I wasn't ready for a relationship at 14.) Just enjoy knowing that you both like each other, and in time, it may become something more.

  • It sounds like she's into you too. She's probably too shy to bring up the card. She may be waiting for you to make the first move. If you're too shy to ask her out face to face than writer her a note or letter and tell her that you really like her.

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