Head over heels for Canadian woman

I'm totally head over heels for a Canadian voice actress who plays on a cartoon called my little pony. She does the voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie, two characters on the show. I wish we both could meet each other. I know, I know, You may ask me, "wait, doesn't she come to some mlp events in the United States; so, why don't you go to them?" I don't wish to because there are the normal mlp fans and then there are the disturbed ones that scare the h*** out of me. if the crazy, disturbed fans didn't go to those events, then yes I would go to them, but even then, I would watch her from a distance as I am very shy and am scared to meet her face to face. Also, I stick up to her and I write her anonymous crush and love letters. I have no idea if she's seen any of them and if she has, I'm not sure how she would react. I can't help it, because my feelings are my feelings. I just hope if we do meet, she won't strangle me. I also think she might keep her distance for me, but I don't want her to. it would be so nice to see her and to be able to hang out. I read her facebook everyday to see what she posts. I also visit her Instagram from time to time. Some of the topics she has are very interesting and there are a lot of males writing to her so I get kind of jealous especially since there seems to be a guy who likes just about anything she posts and he also likes any comments left by anyone including me. I think about her every chance I get. I know that someday we will be able to meet each other, although I wish we could meet each other right now. I want to say that I also have crushes on her friends who play Rarity and Applejack, but she's more interesting then they are. I'm not afraid of meeting her face to face, I'm afraid of what her reaction will be. She might be shy around me as well.

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