I don't regret this..

I slept with my best friend's boyfriend...at the time they were on a break. I never told her, because I knew she was having s** with other guys too. Kind of a twisted situation. I don't regret it, is that bad?

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  • What are you asking exactly? Is what you did bad, or is it bad that you don't regret it?

    Is it bad to sleep with your best friend's boyfriend when they're seperated? I'm assuming you were single at that time here... highly immoral but not technically wrong unless they had an agreement to not be with others while seperated.

    Is it bad that you don't regret it? Do you think you should? Technically he was single, and you're somewhat justified coz your friend was also s******* around. You didn't do any harm so I don't see any reason to regret it personally, thought what WOULD be regretful is if your friend found out and it caused problems either between her and the bf or her and yourself (very likely).

    Basically, make sure everyone involved keeps the secret and there won't be anything to regret. :)

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