That when I get grounded and I have to sleep in the guest room instead of my own room, I study the way I want to kill both of my parents. Since I have nothing else better to do beside reading or doing homework, I just sit and come up with ways to kill them both with my bare hands. First I will shoot my dad with his gun then I will shoot my mom in the same night. Afterwards I will burn and chop up the bodies to cover up the evidence but the only thing that is keeping me from doing this are the terrible things that could happen to me if I do this. If nothing bad could happen to me if I did this then I would have been did this!

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  • What the h***?

  • That sounds like a great plan, you should definitely do it!

  • You WILL get to get caught by the police. I don't care how well you hide the evidence; they will find you and jail you for manslaughter. No matter what your parents say to you, they still love you. Genetics say that they have to love you in any twisted or confused way possible. If you really hate your parents that much, I recommend doing anything EXCEPT killing them. Don't even think about killing them; smack yourself every time you think about committing murder. If anything, run away from your parents. Run away from the urge to kill them if you can't control your thoughts.


  • Your future: Prison or execution; the Lake of Fire in H*** for all eternity (all future time).

    Repent of your evil thoughts, and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation .

  • I like this guy CC he always gives the right advice the right way, keep it up SABATHIA..!!


  • Dude no matter how much hate your parents DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT that(toss it aside into the northern wind) my dad is 3 times worse than yours both.but ill never think of going that far i dont mind doing go literally to other .......thing is am the most heartless being you couldnt even think dont

  • You are REALLY gonna hate prison. Chill out Kid.


  • Whatever.

  • Only because you get grounded? That's... harsh.

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