You make me so sick. All I want to do is shoot you point blank in the face. I want my face to be the last one u ever see. I want to shoot your baby mama & both your kids. I have a soft spot for kids but HATE yours. Just because their yours. I think it would be better if the kids died & you be sad about it 4 the rest of your life. I could care less about it. The way you living. You'll die soon & I'll smile at your funeral while everybody cry.

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  • You should go through with it the only way to feel better is to just go ahead and whack everyone.

  • damn don't p*** you off or i bet you will get soooo angry but what you should do is... rip off there d*** shove it down there throat get a machine gun blast there head off and snipe the h*** out of his wife and kids. VICTORY!!!!!!!!

  • Lol I like the way u think.

  • i am 10 by the way. :)

  • Thank u!!!!! I really don't need help it just feels good to get it off my chest. I'm a 20 year old girl by the way.

  • well you a f****** looney.

  • Please seek professional help. There are people willing and wanting to talk with you through whatever causes you such anger.

  • Dude he's fine I'm sick of people saying get professional help oh ur f***** but ur the one that's f***** for saying heat crazy it's called a revenge conffestion for a reason. So what because he's angry he should get help who the f*** are u to say who needs help and who dosen't

  • well if their talking about killing kids just because they are kids of someone they hate then yes they do need help f****** a******.

    im sure theres people that hate them also but how would they like it if their kids were threatened with death just because the parent is not liked!

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