Two Guys :(

Where to begin, right I started grafting (flirting with) these two lads, both best friends. Was just in it for a bit of fun, y'know, make the days go a little faster. I now know that one of them had had a crush on me for a long time ( We shall call him A) and the other proceeded to fall for me (B).

Okay well after a while me and B got really quiet close, I'm known for sleeping around a lot but since talking with him I'd calmed down. Yeah wellll he then asked me out and for the first time in my life i felt awful, like properly. I said yes because i didn't want to look like i was leading him on. Big mistake. He was clingy enough before we got together then as soon as we did BAM 'don't look at him' 'why are you talking to that guy' jesus christ. Well i managed to make it was a week but he was suffocating.

A few weeks passed after i dumped him and then A and me had become pretty close too, he's talked me through a lot of problems, family troubles, self harming, y'know. Two weeks after splitting up with B, A asks me out. I say yes, again feeling sorry for him, he's had a s*** life and i wanted to be there for him. Thought I'd be happy with him, and I am don't get me wrong but i just don't feel like i can be confined. I've now started sexting B behind A's back, I know i should feel bad but, aghhhhhhhhhh i don't know what to do :(

Should I ask for an open relationship with A, even though i know he won't find another woman to be with or what? Advice muchly appreciated, I'm 15 if that helps at all

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  • Just like the previous anonymous said, you have more things to worry about at age of 15 than picking a boyfriend or have s**. Man, I missed the old days where a 15 years old kid would go outside and play with his friends not go have s** with people all over the place. This world has become more and more sick because of the media and also really bad parenting.

  • If you are 15 and already known for "sleeping around", you have bigger problems than picking a boyfriend.

  • 15? And you are worried about this silly s***? I would counsel to focus on your schoolwork, or you will end up married to one of these idiots.

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