Be careful of what you wish for!

I wished would die then you did! I can't take the words back and now I wish that it was just a bad dream! It been OVER 10 years since you passed away but It still hurts me to this day! I know its because you cheated then broken up with me told me you had a baby on the way and you were getting married to HER! then I said I hated you I wish you would die! That was a lie I wish you were still here I rather would be alive with her instead of dead Want to take it all back I still love you! Why? I can't get the image of your lifeless body out of my head!I can't stop thinking about how it is my fault you died! But one thing is you got your wish too all your girl friends crying over you kissing and holding you body trying to wrap are heads around the fact you're not coming back to us!I wished you were dead you wished we would all get along and kiss you and not want to let you go and to have a big party well in your honor we did just that me and your fiance became friends she even liked me more than the other girls because I asked her if it was ok to kiss you and hold you one last time you looked so life like you were going to sit up you looked like you were just sleeping! I still feel your kiss on my lips and dream of you often! Your child looks just like you she is your spitting image your fiance moved on and raised her well!I miss you we all miss you hope you are at peace you got your wish and I got mine!BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Jan 13, 2015

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  • There are quite a few people as scummy as ya boy there that I'd love to be able to wish dead. Except I don't have that power, and neither do you. Knock off the drama, take a course in basic English composition, and move on with your not-very-significant life.

  • So sad. Let go. Treasure the memory but look to the future

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