When I was little

I thought doctors cut open a mother's stomach to get the baby out!

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  • Actually they do this in sierra Leone.
    The 'westside boys' get a pregnant woman,and place bets on the s** of the child.
    They then....yep,you guessed it😷
    B***** black barstads!

  • they do !

  • they do its called a seasection

  • They do.. its called c section lol

  • If a women is not physically fit to have a baby then doctors do a cecerium section

  • I used to think that too!

  • They do that sometimes. Its called a C-section

  • that's called a caesarian section (i think that's correct spelling) and it's mostly used if there's an issue

  • Well, sometimes they do, so you were partially correct. :)

  • u mean thet dont?

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