I masterbated

I'm a follower of christ and have been for awhile I stopped masterbating for awhile but i did tonight... I know its wrong and i have no reason to justify my action. I even looked at p********** to fuel my m*********** which I know is completely wrong.. I need prayer. I can't overcome this sin on my own. I've tried so hard. I'm 18 by the way.. please pray for me if i am to overcome this sin I'm going to need God's help. God has shown me grace yet again by forgiving me... But im still repenting I still feel horrible I know i never want to again i know its wrong and I know its not worth it but in the moment i listen to my flesh instead of god and it kills me inside I am but dust to god and i hate sinning and dissapointing him :( please pray for me i need it

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  • Not surprised that you are believer. Your illiteracy confirms that.

  • Religion is totally stupid has no link to reality. youre a bunch of sheep. d**** and p***** are like muscles the less you use them for s** or m*********** the more difficult it is for them to get turned on just soo you retards know....

  • Is it wrong to m********* if i'm 11?

  • Is it wrong for me to m********* if im 11?

  • "it is better to spill your seed in the belly of a w**** thatn to spill it on the ground" thats in the bible

  • Masturbation is healthy. There's problems with p***, moral problems, but they're not about s**, they're about the way it affects our brains and the way it hurts those working in it.

    You should learn about positive sexual lifestyles. Healthy s**. And non-judgemental s**. At 18 you still have time to grow comfortable with it and not allow the constraints of modern religion to make it a hellish, torturous circle that will only hurt you and those you love.

    You can be Christian and m*********. You can be a GOOD Christian and m*********. You can also be a GOOD Christian and have a healthy view of s**.

    Good luck.

  • The bible doesn't actually say ANYTHING about masturbation. Don't worry about it, if god didn't want you to m********* I'm sure he could have arranged it so it didn't work (ever tried tickling yourself, for instance?).


  • If you are born again..then remember as Paul, the chosen apostle by Christ himself, says over and over again: We aren't justified by law only faith. Now, through time, prayer, and reading your bible it will go away. Even if it doesn't completely remember we all have a thorn in our side that will only leave us when we die. It doesn't mean you're not saved. In fact I see the holy spirit in you because of your guilt..But remember it has been taken away by Christ on the cross. Love you brother.

  • Do yourself a favor and lighten the f*** up dude. God dosen't care if you pull your pud.

  • He does

  • I'm 40 now, and I had the SAME problem at your age, but they'd ruined MY brain so bad that I only looked at bra ads in catalogues before jerking off. My friend, NO WHERE does it say or even HINT that it's wrong. It's a normal, healthy physiological response to a normal, healthy need. M*********, my friend! Enjoy it! EVERYONE does it, even if they have a partner ( wife or however proper you want to make that partner seem). EVEN MARRIED MEN AND WOMEN M*********! Even your preacher! Quit beating yourself UP and just beat OFF! It really is not a sin! In fact, the only Biblical Gray area I know is the thing about l****** after a woman in your heart, and even THAT means someone you KNOW... Not a picture, not someone you pass by on the street. I'm going to give you advice that will help you the rest of your life: take out your Bible. Rip out and throw away EVERYTHING that's not written in red. THAT is the ONLY important stuff. Paul was hateful and the first guy to start ruining what Jesus taught. Jesus taught the ONLY law to keep was "Love thy Neighbor as thyself". He fulfilled all the commandments and laws of Judaism when he came and was crucified (if you believe in that sort of thing.). You just worry about THAT, loving neighbors as you love yourself. Jesus said "THAT is the greatest commandment." So when people go off about the gays (which seems to be the witch hunt of OUR age), they are TOTALLY dishonoring Christ and what he dies for. READ THE RED parts! Jesus was alright! It's just the people claiming to follow Him that make him look like a j***. Now spank it in peace, my son! (For the record, I'm a Unitarian if anything now. I think ALL religions are screwed up from what their head guys taught now days.)

  • That's kinda wrong. Even if it's not in red, those men wrote in the name of the holy spirt and in God. You're ripping up Gods word...


  • You lose at Monty Python lyrics. Thanks for playing! The correct lyric following the FIRST verse is: "Every sperm is needed in your neighborhood.". We would ALSO have accepted changing "good" for "great", leaving the second verse as is. I mean, you didn't even make it RHYME for Christ's sake, man!!!!

  • It's 2012. Grow up.

  • if u dont m********* at least once per 3 days im afraid you aint gonna have a good time. the male must e******** that often so the sperm can be replaced, because sperm "dies" in ur b**** after some time.
    this is science.

    The "No masturbation or u will burn forever in h***" is the churches words. God never said do not do it.

    Of course u r free to believe whatever u want.

  • I believe in another religion but I had the same problem. Do you know what I did? I watched p*** alot until I almost started throwing up. After that every time I want to watch p*** I just see something in the p*** site and I feel disgusted and just leave. Since then I have never watched p*** again.

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