I've been a liar commit some sins I want god to forgive me for I need my life back on track I lost my mom at 3 coming up I was very emotional about it and at 10 was fondle by my neighbor 16 who I fell for and we made out for awhile till it stop and was hurt then started having feeling for my little cousin 11 and I was 12 I fondle her we both enjoyed it for awhile stop then started having sexual feelings for my other cousins especially my lil cousins who I fondle at 12 while I was 16 then my older cousin she was 17 I was 16 we both were really close watch p*** and fondle her and she was most passionate one now today I'm not proud of lied about passing my exams and having a job and I'm still ling I need gods help I'm with a woman who loves me now I want things to work out don't want my past to hunt me no more Plz lord forgive me I need you take control of my life


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  • P.s. Find a GOOD church or start by simply praying and reading the Bible asking God to show you the way, he will.
    May he bless you in your journey.

  • Thank you i'll try pray for me plz

  • Just repent. Stop the behaviors. Done.

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