So. I am under a lot of stress and I want to vent so it's happening here. If you don't wanna hear it, keep scrolling. If you want to help, comment.(:
1) I am in the play at my school and since everyone is stressed, that apparently gives everyone an excuse to ignore everyone and treat everyone like **. Even my best friend treats me like **. Actually, I have a D in one of my core classes and if I don't pass that I can't graduate. But no one sees me treating anyone badly.
2) I need to get my grades up and if I don't, I can't graduate (like I said) and if I can't graduate that means I spent 80 dollars (80 dollars that I couldn't spend) on gradnite which I won't be able to attend.
3) I've been dating this guy for over a month and since there's so much stress with this play, I'm having trouble keeping up with him and I've been looking at other guys and wanting to flirt but I always put others before myself so I'd rather be hurt and miserable than hurt someone else. He made me happy but now I can't feel happy anymore. I just don't feel it.
Can anyone help me?

Next Confession

I'm afraid.

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  • ok other than the weed comment i have to say this take the problem slowly focus on one problem at a time and don't go all out and celibrate just bounce from one focus to anotherand give yourself some pride at the end i wish i had more ways to help
    source: i myself barely graduated....

  • All you can do is prioritize. One thing at at a time, one day at a time. And just try to do your best. Your grades are really important, so spend more time studying and less time with the bf. The play will be over soon, so just try to balance your time between everything until then. Probably dropping out of the play would be a let down to everyone, so that may or may not be an option. Keep on being nice to everyone. You can control how you treat everyone, just can't control how people react to you or how people handle stress. No reason to be miserable. Having a boyfriend, just to have a boyfriend doesn't make anyone happy. But if you both want to make it work, then he should understand the pressure you feel right now and will give you some space. If not, break up and study, get your grades up and then find a new love interest. :-)

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