My step son drives me nuts

My step son is 13, and is driving me nuts. he is an only child spoiled rotten, it is just my wife her son and myself, I'm sorry and
2 little dogs. which he torments also. he has been allowed to be involved in everything his whole life, as a result, when he comes home from school, football practice, or outside playing with friends, it is as if he has come home from work. she's hungry he's tired, my arm hurts, my leg hurts, treatss mother badly, wants to be in total control of the living area I e remote control for the t v, if we are watching something he suggest a movie that you wants. the list goes on and on, will post later stories have to go now.


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  • Not buying your bullshit.

    Sounds like he's acting like a normal 13 year old, and you're acting like douchebag a******.

  • Grow a pair are letting a child run over you simply because you are f****** his mother. Tell her to straighten her kid out or you will. Problem solved.

  • You, speaking to your wife: "Honey, I love you dearly, but you're going to HAVE to start disciplining little (fill in boy's name here), because (1) it HAS to be done, since the world will never let him get away with the s*** he gets away with here, and (2) if you don't do it, I will, and neither of you are gonna enjoy that, I f****** promise you." Make sure it's clear to her that you're doing it for HIM, not for YOU.


  • gah you need to learn to suck it up he's still technically a child so you can't do any thing cept maybe ground him or let his mom know or maybe spankings but really if you can't do that deal with it

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