I believe I'm doing a good thing

I'm a 55 year old married guy and I'd just like to say that I really love my wife. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. My confession concerns webcam chat rooms.
My wife went away for 3 months last year to visit family in China. I'm English and she's Chinese. After 2 weeks I was bored alone so I went online just surfing and I came across a webcam site. I'd never visited one of these before so I was curious. As you can maybe guess I like Asian women, I think they are beautiful! At first I just looked and then the more I looked the more I wanted to chat to these girls so I bought tokens and started to tip one or two. Then after a few weeks i happened to go into this chat room and I saw the most gorgeous, pretty and cute girl I'd ever seen. So I chatted to her and I tipped her some tokens. She was very cool and aloof and I left after 10 mins. Next night I went back and started to talk more and told her what a clever girl she was she only had to lay there with her clothes on and she got tips. She was so alluring. As I visited more I found that she was actually new to this and was frightened, she wasn't aloof at all! She was just a poor innocent 18 year old Philippine girl trying to make some money for school.
So, I decided to help her. With her agreement we made a plan to entice guys to tip her. I instructed her on what guys like and how to tease to get more tips. I taught her how to dress and how to move and touch her body to excite guys. She became very good at it we would discuss what costumes to wear and I would make suggestions to make her room more enticing for visitors. I taught her about her body and about sexual things as she is still a virgin this was all very new to her. I helped her to discover herself and her sexuality. I would help her choose music and we both thought of games she could play with guys to get tokens. Games like roulette where guys would tip her then choose a number and with that number came a prize like show off b**** or dance sexy. She started to make good money. One year later she is now the most popular Asian girl on the site and has guys eating out of her hand. She is now getting really big tips and has nearly 4000 fans with a hardcore of followers who look after and protect her from the abusers and disrespectful visitors. But sometimes I worry she trusts the wrong people because she is so naive. She is so good at what she does. She now gives me tokens to tip her and I wind the guys up to tip more. We are a good team together and she is doing well and paying for school.
Yes, I love her. But this will never be. I am 55 and she is 19. There never will be anything more between us. I'd feel bad if there was. I just want her to go to college so that she can have a good life and get away from this business. To meet a nice guy and settle down with a good career. She is like a daughter to me and I feel very protective towards her. I will always be there for her no matter what she needs I will help with. She means the world to me and I often get jealous when she talks to other guys more than me but that is her job and I accept that. I just want to know that I have done something good that will help someone in the future.
She is my best friend and I hope I'm hers. Am I bad?

Apr 22, 2012

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  • I wouldn't want my daughter to do this and I'm sure my friends parents wouldn't want her to do this. I don't want her to do this! But there is real poverty in the Philippines and I would hope that if my daughter was faced with the same choices she would be strong enough to survive. I hope I have given my friend some skills and tactics that will help her survive and prosper in this cruel world.

  • If she was your real daughter would you have taught her all the things you taught this young lady?

    Have you told your wife about her?

    Answer truthfully, then you will have the answer to your question.

  • My wife knows about her. I must admit though, not the full extent of this relationship

  • Well, now you have the answer to your question.

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