Anthropomorphic Fursona?

As an artist, I've decided to change my main wolf "character" that I draw. And all of my previous characters who walked on all fours for that matter. Now I feel that I want to draw my next one on two's. I'm getting pulled into the "furry" fandom (don't worry, I'm not sexually attracted to them, I just think I can do more with a human-like structure drawing wise). The only problem is that:
1. My best friend, who taught me how to draw, is very critical of my art, and is strongly against the furry fandom.
2. My boyfriend might think that I do have a sexual attraction to them, and feel disturbed with my art.
3. I'm embarrassed with myself, and what my family might think. I show my family lots of my art, but they might not be so supportive when they see these bipedal animals that are strongly linked with sexual actions. I am also slightly disgusted with myself for wanting to draw my fursona(s) like this, and for being a furry, even if it's non-sexually. Any ideas on what I should do? *Also HUGE thanks to anyone who reads this and has a way to help!

Aug 10, 2016

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  • I have worked in a mental hosp for 23 years but i cant recall a case quite as bad as you

  • Bro, there's nothing inherently wrong with being a Furry, neither is there anything wrong with wanting to dress up in a fursuit and f*** someone.

    If you want to expand your art to bipedal animals, then go for it and jus explain to whoever is judging you that you have no interest in being a furry that has s** whilst suited or have any interest in doing anything sexual like that.

    If they say that they are still uncomfortable then thy don't want to understand and never will, therefore, just don't show them you work! There are plenty of Furs (me included) who would love to see your work on DeviantArt or FurAffinity or whatever, or just show people you know who won't be a******* about it.

  • I thought artists use their art to convey their feelings. Not sure where all this fear of what others might think comes from

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