I was obsessed with my girlfriends best

I was obsessed with my girlfriends best friend for years and never told her. We double dated at a well known restaurant. K's boyfriend thought he was a tough guy jock. Well, my girlfriend, M, was the "good girl" We had our dinner and the girls got a banana split. Well, while we were eating the banana split, everyone was doing perverted things and we were all laughing. Then, K flicked the plastic spoon, she had on a low cut dress, and the cherry that still had whip cream on it landed on her t*** and the whip cream dribbled down. She just started laughing. I was so turned on it was maddening!

K went to the bathroom and we were sitting there. The restaurant was really crowded. There were three bathrooms, men, women, and kids/parents. I caught up to K, there was a big line for all of the bathrooms. I grabbed her ass and I pushed her and made her walk really fast, she kept gigging and then I tickled her and we had our hands all over each other. I pushed her to the front of the line and when the door for the big unisex kids bathroom opened, I pushed her in and said to the people, sorry, this is an emergency!

We f''d right there in the restaurant. It was incredible. She pulled her top down so her b****** were flopping while we were getting down. I was crazy for her from that moment on. We went back to our table at seperate times. I always think of that night and smile. I wish it could have turned into a relationship, but my girlfriend was too into me and K didn't want to cross her. Life sux.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • That's what happens when youdo it the wrong way.


  • Guys are all cheaters.

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