More my mother than father, I'm called to serve a man

Being the only child, female, of an academic couple I had pressures all my life, about school, grades, what college. My mother more than my father was very religious. During those years of puberty she cautioned me about my feelings. It was during that time that she told me she had very strong feelings for a girl in her Psychology class and that she had lost her mind. That's why she got married to my father, and got pregnant immediately and I was born while they were undergraduates.

My parents were never affectionate, civil, nice, cerebral, but not affectionate. Not with each other and not with me. No one had ever been affectionate with me. I went to a small private college which was 90 percent women. The few 'men' who were there were all 'd***' men and most of the women that were there were unabashedly lesbian and out and proud of it. The only 'dates' I had was with other women, who dumped me when they found out I wasn't a quiet little lesbian waiting on a dom. I fantasized about d***, not T*** and Ass like they did.

I went to work for an Advertising Agency in midtown. I was uncomfortable showing, advertising myself, when I did I got hit on by women, I looked lesbian, walked lesbian, stared a women's b******, I even smelled lesbian. Out in the real the real lesbians were on the hunt. At the sandwich shop where I bought lunch the cashier had tattoos all over her b******. It was summer and she wore very tight tank tops, no bra and her nipples stuck out. She told me I was beautiful and she wanted to gobble me up. She was very sexual and open about it she wore thick boy jeans and boots.

It was fall in the city and I went for a late lunch, and instead of taking it back to my office, I sat at the counter. The rush hour was gone and she came over and looked at me and asked me if the cat got my tongue. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, I said no. She told me that there was fair at her Church, she was Greek Orthodox, and she wanted me to go with her. She promised to be gentle.

We met at the Church and the first thing she asked me to do was to go into the ladies room and remove my panties, so we could feel the rush of fresh air in our vaginas. She had dressed up, covered all of her tattoos, she introduced me to some of her people, told them I was a girl from downtown and that I worked in an office, a college graduate.

We sat at a table with some people she knew from childhood and they talked about the neighborhood and I learned that she lived a couple of blocks away, and that she was born in the neighborhood and grew up there. Except for the fact, she whispered to me, she always like girls. While we walked around the fair, she asked me when I knew for sure that I was a lesbian. I told her I knew when I met her the first time in the deli.

She wasn't rough at all, she was gentle but persuasive, she undressed me and folded or hung up my clothes, folding my panties gently before telling me show her by opening my legs. She went from head to toe, kissing and talking, touching and grabbing, it felt good when she grabbed my b****** that way, she told me there always has to be a little bit of pain and she pinched my nipple.

I woke up with her the next morning, she fixed tea and cooked me some eggs. 'Come live with me, let's be proper lesbians'. One week later I had moved out of my apartment and was living with her. S** was on the plate everyday, honeymoon s**, capped off by a tattoo on the inside of my wrist with the symbol of a lesbian and her initials in the circles. I lived with her for five years, she was well known in her church and I became a member of the church, and we were never offensive and no one said anything but everyone knew.

I met a man who came to work in my office. A man who led me around by the nose. A man who spoke softly and I listened. A man who tickled my butt and asked me if I was ready. He led me by the hand down the corridor in a hotel, opened the door and let me in first, tore off my clothes tossing them on the floor, undressed himself and he tossed his clothes with mine and ravaged me, tore into me, didn't leave a leaf unturned, or a hole he didn't use. I tried to get control but it was useless. My body was there and he used it. His hands were strong and when he grabbed my b****** it hurt, when he grabbed me between the legs I went from dry to wet in an instant, when he parted my butt cheeks to lick me. Nothing was sacred, not with his hand, his mouth or his p****. In the book of books there was nothing left of me that was virgin. Nothing.

I sat in front of Mary and told her everything. She sat quietly and told me that I had to move out, she didn't share, to ask him to find me an apartment or go live with him. I was spoiled now, I had his smell all over me. He's bridled you and ridden you she told me. I didn't feel sad, I packed my things over the weekend, Mary helped me, folding my things carefully.

You have to follow you're nature. Come back to me and visit. But you have bathrooms to clean and it's in a man's house. And I said goodbye and moved in with him.

May 17

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  • The touch of another woman is so satisfying. The way another woman kisses and knows just how to use her tongue is amazing. The taste and feel of another woman on one’s tongue is incredible

    But there is nothing better than the feel of a BBC entering your tight v*****. When he feels like he is going to tear you from the inside out and the force by which he e********* inside you.

    My advice to you is live with your young lady lover but find a nice BBC on the side for you both to enjoy

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