I am not an action figure..

I'm 22 yrs old and have been in a few relationships. Idk if it's just me but i'm having a hard time finding long lasting relationships strictly because i don't like playing games. Girls who play hard-to-get and are confused when i walk away, hint at things and get mad when i dont pick up on it, and listen to friends about tips and tricks to manipulate me into doing what she wants I HAVE NO TIME FOR IT. If u want something from me just ask.

Call me old fashion but I STRICTLY believe communication is key to a relationship. The last relationship i was in ended horribly. She heard from friends that if she wants me to want her more, she has to make me jealous. Now, like i said i'm 22 and she's 21. I believe we're grownups right? So y is she playing these little games instead of acting like a grown woman and TELL ME? I thought i was dating a woman not a little girl..

I understand women want excitement in their relationship but how come one side has to be left out? I'm not an action figure, i'm not to be played with..

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  • who's johnny?

  • Well in my opinion it's what's being programmed into women's heads by the media today. For instance, in romance movies and on tv the girl plays all these games with the dashingly handsome co-star and in the end they end up together with no problems. It's kinda funny about her trying to make u jealous because I browsed an article online about tips women can do to make their men jealous and want them more. It included bs like talk to other guys while u 2 are at parties or social gatherings and ignore u, wear sexy clothing when running everyday errands to make u curious, and to pretend that all her time is too busy for u. I'm srry, but all those could also be interpreted as signs that she's cheating so i'm with u bro.

  • It's great that you're straightforward and can communicate. But maybe it's the way that you're communicating. You think you're being clear, but it's causing confusion or she's not ready to really open up to tell you what she needs. Part of communicating well is listening to what is said (and not said). Chances are the girls you're dating are insecure. So they rely on their friends to help decipher what you're saying. Keep in mind girls tend to over analyze everything. We are very good at that. And when you're young, your friends have a lot of influence on you..it's just where you guys are at in life. Agree with the one commenter, just be you and when you find the right someone it won't be such a struggle to talk about what you both want.

  • Stop wasting your time, find someone who you only have to fight for once. If it's constantly a fight for attention, she's not ready.

  • I'd say just f*** relationships for a while, speaking as a woman you can tell they're out for your body or looks. Eventually you'll find the perfect woman who wants you for you and is ready to be romantic like they way you seem to want. Unfortunately I do see this kind of behaviour all the time, especially where I work. It reminds me so much of School. And even into the 20's people still feel the need to act like children. Its a sign of knowing they're getting old. You've got a life ahead of you, don't look for a relationship and the perfect one will find you :)

  • right my point has been voided but must they be big (i'm average 6" or so hence the q)

  • they play games because they don't like to look like they enjoy s** as much as men so that's why

  • i like boys who stuff their big, fat c*** into my wet, juicy p****. then i let them suck on my perfect round double d's while they fondle my pink, juicy nipples.

  • Thank you for that interesting comment Johnny, now go and join the other children for juice and cookies...

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