I'm in love with my best friend

I've been dating a boy for 2 and half years, and he's never directly hurt me, he's always been kind and is a very good person. but something just doesn't click, it never has. We're very different, and he just does not understand me as I do him, he lives in a different world, one filled with academia and for no fault of his own is not capable of meeting my needs. But I love my boyfriend, he is very kind, the thought of hurting him kills me.
I also have a best friend, we've only become close over this past year but he is incredible, he is compassionate and attentive in ways I never knew people could be. He's saved me from the brink of suicide, he's helped me through my biggest issues, he is someone I could tell anything, the thought of him makes me smile, he always makes me laugh. Non of this was more than friendship anyway until i realized I am also very physically attracted to him.
My problem is nothing is mutual. My feelings for my boyfriend of my best friend. My boyfriend cannot satisfy me emotionally and I can not satisfy my best friend emotionally. Yet I feel like I owe it to my boyfriend to break up with him if I'm feeling this much doubt, because even if he is a perfect wonderful person who has done nothing wrong, we need different things and he deserves more than a relationship where I may be thinking of someone else. It's not fair for me to have feelings for my best friend either, he doesn't need that extra complication in his life. I want to make them both safe, happy, loved.


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  • Did you tell your friend yet?

  • Tell your friend how you feal, now. Do it. You may not get another chance.

  • i don't know how to help (sounds like you have a love triangle) i suggest stop reading tween romance books (they don't deserve the prestegious title of novel) "why should i stop reading them?" you may ask and i answer with because it wasn't till tween romance novels started coming out that there was this big explosion of teen and tween girls cheating... any way's i'm sorry that i don't know how to help i really wish i could help

  • too long to read.

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