Why me

I can't get pregnant, I'm thinking i am being punished for things i may have done years ago

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  • I find it weird how the ones who really want/try to get pregnant can't sometimes and the ones who don't want kids easily do. You're not doing anything wrong. Maybe it's the stress, maybe you're thinking and worrying about it too much. Try to relax and maybe that'll help. Just don't think too much about it, have fun having s**, and if it still doesn't happen go and consult a doctor. You will have children, don't worry. There are many ways to help you conceive these days. <3 Best of luck.

  • or perhaps your cavity is too violent for your husbands sperm or maybe his sperm are too lazy... you have to understand it may not be your fault also i doubt it's punishment maybe the universe is saying "adopt... for the children's sake adopt!"

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