One door to another

I just found the career path I love and it is slow to start. Much like everything else in a medical profession. But i feel as though i am doing this I am slowly losing my wife.


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  • I found my dream job. But I have bipolor depression and it was hard to work
    through it and get my bs in math and certification in teaching. I was then offered a great job in California near the ocean, where I was planning on living and moving my 83 year old mother too, so I could care for her.. but then
    one day just before I was to start work I slipped and fell and crushed my cranial nerves in the back of my neck.. now im totally disabled.. and I never got to work a single day on the dream job.. now I lay on my couch and get a check for 1000 dollars a month, I would have made 125,000, at the job I mentioned I was offered as the vice principal of eukiha private schools.. life can be creul
    sometimes. But what is there to do.. I refuse to die at my own hand.. so
    im alone and I cry a lot........... Dale G Havard

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