My cross, my stepdaughter.

My stepdaughter has put us in financial ruin. put her through a Catholic college, she participated nothing. We will rent her a home stay at school costs $8000 a semester. she never stays there, in the past 4 years she totalled5 in t brand new bran she gambles she ga and rips through money like a drunken sailor. I love her to death she's got me and my wife arguing I love my wife and we never argue. she's a train wreck, and I'm in financial ruin now I saved and struggled to get ahead. I was in a motorcycle accident that debilitated me and had a nice settlement. wanted to use that money for me and my wife and our family and my children to get ahead. but she kept getting in accidents with the vehicles and put us in debt. Now I'm forced to go back to work crippled and batter I'm pulling my hair out and I don't know what to do. let alone she does no volunteer work or anything at school and she is in a medical profession major. I'm at my wits end

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  • Sending your daughter to a catholic college was a mistake. As for putting you in debt, you did that yourself. The debt was hers, not yours and what did you do ? You kept paying for her car to be fixed ? or worse, replaced ? You have allowed her to live a life without consequence. She sounds like a spoiled brat. You created that. Well done.

  • Sometimes.......a b**** just need a beating.

  • Your just a f***n idiot. Loving someone that doesn't give a sh***t about you will ruin your life...

  • You are right, he is a fool who let it all get this bad. Kept giving her p**** pass...well because she has a f***** v***** and is probably cute so you let her ruin you. You deserve it.

  • Cut off the gravy train you dumb ass.

  • Er. I think you and your wife need to talk

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