First of all, I should mention, I'm 16, female, a lesbian and I'm bipolar and schizophrenic.

I overdosed on my depression pills last night, in an attempt to get over the depression of a heart-wrenchingly painful situation involving the girl I love.

It wasn't the first time I've overdosed.

I hate this.

I begged for God to take my soul and end this bodily pain, as I strangled myself after taking 14 pills within 10 minutes.

I've never been in so much pain and soul-crushing agony ever before in my life. I wish I was dead.

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  • You're young my friend, still developing into a woman.Your emotions and psyche is going to fluctuate more so, when you're on puberty.On top of that, other factors are in motion such as; you being bi-polar etc.
    Please don't give up!! Your life is previous and things will get better :)
    My advice and suggestion to you,is to discuss your feelings, to someone you trust e.g Close friend, relative, a school counsellor.Do you have anyone in your close social networks, that you can confide in, without feeling judged and so forth?
    Please, don't hurt yourself again, you're loved and wanted, even if you don't realise or accept it.

    I'm sending you, my love, hugs and blessings :)

  • Wash ur ass and put on clean underpants because ur ass stinks

  • Lif might be bad but if u kill urself it wil b alot worst ul b n h*** u have been warned

  • hey there! hold on a minute, its okay (: life will get better. dont take your life now, you are SO young!! you will meet somone who loves you and who you love, become happier, and your life will improve. just be patient (: patience is a virtue and easier said than done but i have faith tha you can accomplish it (:

  • O go and s**** life wil get bettr i dont think so that person is fuckd

  • This girl is young and still developing, from a child into a woman.Life will, hopefully get better for her.Life I'm general, has it's obstacles.But giving up on life, just when you're beginning, is horrendous!!
    So, if you have nothing "constructive and positive to say" keep your pessimism and unhelpful opinions, to yourself.This girl maybe vulnerable, to any form of destructive opinions right now.She needs in my opinion, positive support.Every life is important, even yours :) Life is precious.

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