Don't Judge When You Can Love Instead

I frequented massage parlors and s** workers for several years after my wife left me at the age of thirty-two. She just got bored and said it wasn't what she wanted anymore ( code words for "I found another guy."). I wasn't going to be a celibate monk. I had a good career going and sexual needs for companionship and release.
I met my needs with women who did s** work for a living. I found the experiences satisfying, understanding, and filled with great technique. So many of these ladies were abandoned by dads after a baby came, or too young as mothers when the dads left them with no support. Some were on the rebound for poor decisions in their own lives including substance abuse, etc. Some were returning to college or tech school with minimal funds. I mean there are hundreds of circumstances that led to their entering s** work. There were some who chose it willingly and developed highly profitable careers, even into their sixties! In short, I offer great respect to the profession and view them as honorable members of a profession that obviously has millions of willing customers.
I developed an affection for one lady in particular who understood me and my needs. She was supporting a three-year-old girl and the deadbeat dad was long gone. After two years I proposed and we have had a wonderful, understanding and supportive marriage. We developed a business where she sells art, home furnishings and decor items. It cleared $188,000 last year. Our s** life is still exclusive and incredible! And that 3 year-old just got her master's degree from the University of Wisconsin last year and works in a bio-med laboratory. Hmmm... all this from visiting a so-called w****?
My perfect wife will be shown this when it posts. It is my thanks, and my statement of belief in you. I love you deeply and love what we built with that belief. Our daughter has no knowledge of your past and never will, mainly because you did not create your past but struggled out of it. I am the luckiest man in the world and I thank you for loving me. You make me proud!

Jan 19, 2020

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  • Right on! That is beautiful. That is clear thinking with good follow through and commitment!

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