Fat or curvy?

I've always been a lot... bigger than most of my friends. I hate looking in the mirror everyday and seeing that this person is me. I hate wearing shorts and swim suits. My friends say that i'm overreacting, but they've never had this problem. Guys only look at me because my b**** are about twice the size as other girls and it makes me feel horrible. All of my friends are out sharing clothes while I sit in the corner pretending to be happy. I would cry because they could wear things I could only dream about wearing. Should I be happy that i have more "curves" (i use this term loosely) than other girls?? Or should I go on a diet and get a flat stomach?

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  • I love full figure women. I love a big butt. I want to bury my face in it.

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  • Big curvy girls are hot. who cares if you can't share clothes with your stick figure friends.

  • Hi, ok look I have the same issue with my wife, shes very confy with her "curves" too, but when it comes to go to the beach or a pool party she's stars getting upset and feels fat all of a sudden. My point is that she knows she's a lil bit over wait and why not been honest to ur sefl. I'll say you eat healthier,work out and watch what you eat if u really want to loos weight. Some girls already have a thik body so make sure you don't go to the extreme. And good luck girl I hope u do feel and look better.

  • If you want to loose wight do exercise and eat healthy its more efficient than dieting also it might be muscle that makes you look a bit bigger

  • i actually forgot to mention
    that i work out three times a week and am very muscular because i do mixed martial arts
    - Poster of confession

  • go on diet, not because it will make you look better but because it will make you feel better. you won't feel better becuase you weill become thinner , but becuase you will be healthier. LOOK SWEETI your health is above everything else. YES go for diet, but not just any diet you have to choose a balance between ur healthy food and excercise. it's better to seek a doctor help or a nutrition advicer. dont u ever reduce ur food intake with no excercise coz then u will have excess skin which would look real bad.

    then you will look pretty, share cloths with ur friends , and be healthy.

    good luck :)

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