I met up with an online guy. help.

I met up with a guy i met in an online dating site. We exchanged numbers & have been talking for about a week. We met up on the 3rd day of exchanging numbers and have been for every night now. We were at the playground messing around like h**** 19 year olds . he says we should go to his car to have s** so we do. He then says he has a condom. He tells me to bend over in the back seat so i do and he just sticks it in my wet p****. I had just finished giving him a hot messy wet bj. So his thing goes in pretty smoothly.i didn't hear any condom rapper or anything. But it feels so good that i don't stop. Then he starts freaking out saying my Dad is outside with a flashlight so we stop & he says "what a waste of condom" i'm pretty sure he came inside of me and used my Dad as an excuse to not make it obvious he came. So he steps out the car and fixes his pants i still.do not.see a condom but he makes the hand gestures.as if he was. So we go to my house and i continue to give him bjs. So i eventually go inside and go to pee, when done i look in the and see this little sperm looking wiggly worm sooo tiny like half a grain of rice. So i freak out thinking he came in me cleaning out my v***** with lots of soap and liquid soap. I put on loose shorts now. I'm scared did he reall y have on a condom or is he an online perv that gets off on Cummin inside of dumb girls? Should i buy plan B??? i smoked weed before coming back inside the house so i might be high and paranoid or maybe it's all true.
What do you say? I'm scared help.

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  • Contact the Mothership. Tell them your mission is complete and you are ready for pick-up.

  • He probably did not use a condom. Were you a virgin before this or something? Because I can definitely feel the difference between a condom and no condom. And you can't see sperm. C** is s****, and there are several microscopic sperm in the s****. What you saw in the toilet was probably either s**** or vaginal discharge. Someone else commented that it's a disease, but that is not necessarily true. Everyone has vaginal discharge. That's how your v***** cleans itself. Also, you're not supposed to use soap in or on your v*****, and cleaning it out won't get rid of the sperm, anyway. Soap irritates it. Even the special v***** soaps that they sell shouldn't be used. They were just made because most girls think they're supposed to use soap on their vaginas and are embarrassed about the smell, which everyone also has. Just use your hands and water to clean it, and it cleans out the inside by itself with the discharge. If your discharge is white, you're probably fine. If it's yellow or any other color, you probably have an infection or STD. Also, the smell is supposed to be a musky smell. If it smells like fish, that's also a sign of an STD or infection. But anyway, go get the morning after pill or something, and I wouldn't worry too much, because it is very difficult to get pregnant. Your anxiety is giving you a lower chance of pregnancy, too, but I would suggest getting the pill just to be safe. Also, don't f*** guys you just met. It's very dangerous. At least make sure you actually see the guy put a condom on next time...

  • You dont know this guy? Why would you even meet up with him? Man, If you are pregnant..... Dammit, you are a r*****.

  • just go to him after a month and say you're pregnant and that you need 500 bucks for abortion or he'll have to pay for the child until it comes of age. this should be a good punishment for him for not using a condom. and yes you are right, he did not use a condom.

  • plan b, morning after pill, birth control pills, planned patenthood

  • #1 - ... Never trust that a guy using a condom if you can't see or feel it.

    #2 - You can't see a sperm without a microscope. If you had white goo dripping out of you, then you saw many sperm or some kind of infection.

  • My God you're an idiot on so many levels. A) Don't have s** with strangers, and B) You can't see sperm with the naked eye.

  • I am an idiot. :(

  • yes, you sound like a complete r*****, your also a fuking w****! f****** b**** go f*** yourself your story is dumb ass s*** .

  • Ask him...

  • He said he did but idk it's weird.

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