I feel like.. I dont know lol

First off I know Im a loser and I don't have a girlfriend and Ive never had s** so now that that is out of the way.. Im 16 and a guy and the thought of seeing an underage girl around 15 16 or 17 (you know my age) naked and or in compromising positions really excites me. P*** is great and all but girls around my age really kinda excite me more because of the bigger taboo over it even though I'm still underage. Is it just because Im a virgin who doesnt get out much or is this just normal?

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  • I am 17 and I'm a chronic lair. I lie to my friends and family enough now I have began to believe my lies myself. I try hard not to but it just slips out. I can't seem to catch up in life. I know I'm not ugly, but I don't have a boyfriend. I've never made out, had s**, gone on a real date. I'm lacking in everything so I make my life up. Before I know it I end up wanting to kill myself because my entire life is a lie. Feels good to finally tell a truth.

  • your not supposed to lose your virginity at 16 dude you can lose it when ur married

  • You are completely normal! WTF are you talking about??
    ('Ye voice)

  • Dude, one of my buddy lost his virginity when he was 16, it just means you actually have a criteria for women, instead of f****** anything that has a vag, don't worry about it . m*********, chase the girls, and stop judging yourself man, your 16, not 60.

  • Your normal, lol. My advice.........start asking every young girl (your age) out on dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they say no, who cares. Dude, trust me, and old guy who regrets being shy and stupid. These girls are just like you, shy. So ask them out. Start by being funny and a friend, and then ask them out, oh, and then..................F*** THEIR BRAINS OUT!!! lol. Seriously, f*** them and MAKE them suck your c***. OH, and most of all, eat them out right and make them c**!

  • OP here. Thanks for the reassurance. You might have actually opened my eyes a bit. I guess the peer pressure is just from self righteous jerks huh?

  • Oh thats completely normal. In fact, I'm nearly 20 and i felt that way through all of highschool. I ended up losing my virginity at 16 over the summer to the girl i love. After that, age didn't have anything to do with it. it was all about finding a girl who can return my feelings. What i'm trying to say is, you wont become a s** offender when you get older, the taboo thing will wear off as you mature.

    Anyway, you're not a loser. The fact that you are a virgin is a plus if you are looking for a relationship. Girls like to know that they got you first, if you treat them well... and yes, being an "innocent" virgin might turn on some women... So get out, be yourself, live in the moment, smile, and and ask the girl out if she smiles back! for all you know, she's just waiting for a guy to come into her life!

  • Most people seem to think it is.

  • being a virgin at 16 is no big deal. Ooo

  • Um I could give an email address lol

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