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For the past few years ive been living near a high school thats 18+ and older, theres been a kid watching me for the past month while i was doing some yard work or taking out the trash so 2 weeks i saw him walking past my house after school and i called him over & made it sound like i was mad at him so i asked him why he had been watching me for so long i had him show me his to prove his age and found out he was 21 so i invited him inside to talk; he was nervous at first telling me why hed really been watching me telling me how pretty i was and that im hotter then most of the girls in his school which was sweet so i figured id give him a chance i told'em im a 40 year old woman and he could find a gf his own age and just fyi if some of you want to know im blonde, 115lbs not afraid to say it and 36DDD bra, so he explained how girls his own age dont understand what they want; i can understand that so for the past 2 weeks we've been getting to know each other personally we've only had s** twice and i have to admit hes the best ive ever had. -Linda

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  • He is 21 and you have only had s** twice? Honey, ride that pony hard while it lasts and he is still in the super crazy h**** years. Enjoy!

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