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Im in love with my history teacher like for real. at first i thought it was just hormones going wild but then it got serious.i cant walk across the history corridor without looking in his classroom and i he knows i like him thers a few young female teachers in our school and he talks to quite a few of them, one of them is my english teacher and a good friend( know) of mine since last year she has been staring at me constantly and sometimes she would say my history teachers name and look at me to see my reaction(OMG..)
sometimes i feel that loving him is quite pointless but i cant stop.
i dont wanna act like some typical naiive girl but i really do love..him~(oh god that was hard..)

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  • It's a crush.

    There are two people here. Do you want to ruin HIS life? Get him sent to jail when someone finds out? Because tongues wag. Let's say you have s**, and you tell a friend, and tell your friend not to tell anyone, and your friend tells one person (but tells her not to tell anyone) -- well you get the idea. Then the ton of bricks comes crashing down.

    Look, I am a history professor. I love the idea of a college student making a pass at me, but at least I am in college and at least I can control my urges.

  • how old are you

  • jesus how did you get to be so nasty

  • you should totally totally totally get with him and you should do that before classes gets out so you dont have to go through the whole entire summer thinking about your man and wanting to be with your man and not being able to see your man or make love with your man. go get with him. hes your man. yours. dont be scared. its natural. and when your with him it will be great.

  • i agree with the last girl: you just need to beeeeeee with him any time the opportunity presents itself. let him see how nice and normal and funny and sexy you are without the pressure of relationship-talk. thats how any good long-term relationship starts and thats how yours should. i did the same thing when i was in school like you and it worked great and we dated like forever. just get with him before you "get with him", see? hes going to love you i just know it. go!!

  • I think you should talk to him and see if he's interested in you. You don't need to blurt out your feelings in a flurry (for a lot of reasons, that would be a bad, and risky, idea), but just spend time with him - alone, whenever possible - and see if you sense any reciprocity of the affection or just simple openness to the idea of a relationship. I don't know whether you have any bisexual inclinations at all, but it certainly seems possible that your english professor may already be interested in you physically, and that could be something worth pursuing. (And not trying to make you appear mercenary, but being involved with one faculty member MIGHT create an avenue to reach another, if you see that.)

  • dont think i can talk to him to scaryy~

  • If you actually love him, and I think you truly truly do, don't be scared to try. Just be casual and non-aggressive and see how things go. Try it for five minutes the first time. Then five minutes again. Then like seven minutes, and work your way up to ten minutes. Talk about school, about politics, about sports, whatever: f***, just talk about the weather if you have to. Just put yourself in front of him and interact with him. To be with a woman like you, he'll do ALL the work, trust me, and pretty soon you'll find that he's searching you out and the conversations are lasting for hours.

  • im starting with a hi first. iv talked to him once before hes so sweet and it just makes u melt.

  • I think it's wonderful that you're making an effort to be around him, even if it's small steps: it's WAY better than no steps. Keep it up. Don't let him think you're cooling off or forgetting him even for a day. And if your classes are ending soon, find some way, some reason, some excuse to talk to him AND TO SEE HIM on a regular basis over the summer. The WHOLE summer. If he's teaching classes this summer, volunteer to be his TA. If he's doing research or reading, ask to be his RA. Wash his car. Organize his office. Something. ANYTHING. You obviously care for him deeply and so you should keep connecting with him, doing whatever it takes. Good luck, girl!

  • aw thank you so much but i cant exactly be with him during summer you live half way round the ( i live in Britain) but you know what il give it my best shot afterall we only live once.

  • Ignore the negativity appearing elsewhere. You said that what you feel for him is love, the way you described it is a description of love, and I trust you to know your own heart. Do you?

  • I feel a little sorry for you since unrequited love can be very h****** a young person but just know that you will get over it, you will move on and there will be plenty more loves in your life. For now, this one is "untouchable".

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