Please help me?

Alright, so I am a young female who was parked in my friends neighborhood. On both sides of my car there were empty lots, just grass. I was waiting on my friend when I fell asleep. Today was my mothers birthday, who I already don't get along with. Long story short, we fought and I left. When I awoke 30 mins later a man was rapping viciously on my window. I rolled down the window a couple of inches. This is what happened next. He rudely asked what I was doing. I responded with. I fell asleep and am waiting for a friend. Politely. He asked if I lived here and when I responded no, he yelled at me saying I needed to move because I was loitering. Really? I wasn't smoking, wasn't f****** doing drugs or drinking, having s**, or playing music. I responded with a no, I'm waiting on my friend. Then he asked why I wasn't parked in front of her house. My friends mother was home but she was not, however that's none of his damn business so I answered accordingly. He didn't take that well, of course and the f****** ass hole once again told me to leave. I told him he didn't own the road and I wasn't moving. He told me to go f****** park in front of my friend's house. I looked at him and angrily asked who do you think you are a cop? I didn't f****** think so. He told me don't give me attitude, and I with pleasure told him to f*** off. Before I slid onto drive and had him eat my f****** exhaust. He screamed after me he had my license plates.
Question. In what way could I get into trouble here. I am 18. Live in Colorado. Parked in my friends neighborhood, waiting on her might I add, and not parked in front of any houses.
Question two. In what ways could I sue, or take this ass hole to court?
If not. I know where he lives and I will enjoy f****** up his house. A brick through the f****** window, or lighting it on fire, I really don't care. I went back later with my friend and waited for him to come out again. Only this time I had a taser. F*** with me, and I'll kill you. That's my confession/questions. I could kill this man. I won't, but I damn well could.

May 18, 2012

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  • This post is 4.4 years old but this comment is not.
    Since you already have an address, find out his name and get a court order to keep him and you could get him arrested if he does not. Check this website:

  • First off everything you typed here can be used against you in a court of law. Deleted comments are stop retrievable.

    Secondly get a f****** grip on your anger. Really, you are going to sue someone for telling you to leave an area?

    He doesn't know what your agenda was: could have been the getaway driver in a robbery for all he knew

    This is why I call the cops instead of trying to talk with people with Attitudes and no common sense!

  • seriously? you were sleeping in your car. that is the behavior of an intoxicated or sick person, that guy did the right thing checking on you, think about it from his point of veiw? what would you do/think if you saw that? the only thing you should do to him is apologize

  • Well, he's like that a****** Zimmerman who took it upon himself to harrass someone walking through a neighborhood and look at how Zimmerman f***** up. Some people are territorial about their neighborhoods -- they think they own the street, they think that a 'stranger" is suspicious. You have every right to simply sit there is a car, and he can bug you -- i guess -- but if he can't ask your questions nicely, no need to worry too much.

    That being said -- the advice to LET IT GO, above, is spot on. you have every right to vent about this here, but when you are in a situation like this, you'd do better to simply chill out, realize that you are better than some busybody, and move on. No need to end up a Trayvon Martin.

  • Oh also if he was of a diffrent race it's possible he is simply raciests. Unless he acts on it you can't do anything about it. Also the age plays a part, older generations tend to be ignorant that not every younger person is a theif, stupid, or rebellious. At that, don't give into what he wants. He is just an ass, who has nothing better to do with his life. Very simple.

  • You could burn down his house, sounds like a great idea. If your that ticked off, I'd just go park there any chance you get. Yeah he is a phsyco, that also means he could like kill you. Pretty good advice, up here though. Although it sounds like you were venting, let's hope so. Anyways hope this helps!

  • Your first commenter is right. You have no claim against the guy, and any action you take against him or his property will land your ass in jail. Or worse. Move on.

  • Some words of advice, the "F*** with me and I'll kill you" attitude needs to be changed to "Let it go" Let the anger go. Life is not fair and people pull some crazy s*** that leaves you scratching your head. Can't go around life being so angry. I mean you can, but it sounds like a waste of energy to expend. And you never know what that other person is thinking or capable of doing to you.

    As for your situation..Sounds like he is a busy body or maybe thought you looked suspicious, like you were casing the neighborhood. You never know these days, not that you are, but there are people who do exactly that. If there were no signs visibly posted that said No Parking, No Stopping, Private Property or No Trespassing, you are okay to park there.

    So what if he has your license plate, you weren't doing anything wrong. Chances are he just said that to scare you. As for suing him, there's no real case there. You're just mad. As for harming him or his property, if you get caught, you will be paying the price..not him. Seems really immature...

    Sounds like you have other things going on in your life, so this situation just maybe aggravated you more than usual? Consider going to the gym or talk with someone. It will be a lot more constructive and less frustrating then dealing with this guy.

    You're 18, trust me..there are going to be lots of people who you will meet in the course of your life that will p*** you off..both on and off the street. Take a deep breath and LET IT GO.

  • This is perfect advice, in every way, and on every issue. Follow it.

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