Turned into a sissy, the start.

How I started as a sissy.

We met on line and I invited her over so we could meet. She showed up at eight on a friday evening, she was tall and thin with a great chest. I invited her in and we talked for about an hour then went down to the local bar for a drink. Once we finished at the bar we went back to my place around ten thirty. I figured she would be leaving but once we were in the house she asked if she could stay over. Naturally I said yes, and I showed her the gust room. She asked if I was kidding and I asked what did she mean? Her reply was I did not drive all this way to sleep by my self. I showed her my room and she stripped off her closes down to her panties and bra, then went to the bathroom to clean up for the night. I was shocked at how open and forward she was. I had never been with some one like this before.

I was in the living room kind of weighting for her to go to bed then I was planning on joining her. She came out of the bathroom and came straight to the living room. Standing in front of me she asked if I was going to come to bed now? I stood up and followed her to my room. She sat on the edge of the bed as I took off my cloths down to my under wear which were a skimpy string bikini for men. Oh so your a sissy panties wearer are you she asked? I looked at her and said no their for men, she smiled and said too bad you would make a nice sissy. I was shocked at what she had said and took of my underwear as she took off her bra and her large t*** bounced free. Wow their nice I said! She took off her panties and asked how I liked her shaved p****. It looks great to me I think you have a fabulous body. She smiled and clime into bed. We enjoyed each others bodies and had a very good night for a first meeting!

The next morning I got up to get dressed and she lyed their on the bed watching me. I put on a regular pair of tighty whites as to not get accused of wearing panties by her. She said that she liked the panties I had on last night better. She did not care for the tighty whites and told me to put the others on. I was taken by surprise once again by her open and boldness. Sure I have a different pair which I put on then finished dressing. I went out and made some coffey and she came out naked, sat down at the table and we drank coffey as we talked. She told me how she had a dominate side and likes to use it. She could see I kept looking at her big b****** and asked how I liked last night? It was great I said, I think you have a lovely body and I enjoyed it very much. She then asked if she could spend the rest of the weekend with me? Of coarse I said with delight knowing it was going to be a fun sexual weekend.

That after noon she said she was going to run into town to pick up some things. I asked if she wanted me to go with her and she said she wanted to learn the town on her own but would be back in an hour or two. She came back with a bag of groceries and a bag that I figured was her things she needed. She made the meal that evening and we both did dishes together. She talked about her past some and her parents. When we were completed she asked me to go to the bedroom with her. I was thinking that s** was starting early tonight and it would be a long night, smiling I said sure.

Once in the bedroom she took off her tops reveling her large b****** and said. I have something I hope you will like and accept with out making a big deal out of it all. Then pulling out a couple pair of lacy panties, garter and nylons. Holding them in front of me she told me that she wanted me to try them on! I was surprised and some what confused by what she was asking. What I asked? I would like for you to wear these today come on I will help you in them and you can do what ever you want with me. I was still in shock when she pulled my shirt over my head and pulled me to my feet. She dropped my jeans and told me to step out of them as she pulled down my under wear. Still confused she started to suck my c*** at which I came back to my senses. She stroked it and sucked it until it was hard then stood up dropping her pants to the floor. Patting her p**** saying if you want any more of this then you will do as your told!

She then reached for the garter and bent down telling me to step into it which I did still num from what was happening. As it was pulled up she kept telling me how fun it was going to be and how lovely I looked. Then told me to sit down and showed me how to put on a nylon, telling me not to put any snags or runs in them. Once I had them pulled up I was told to stand and she hooked the stockings to the suspenders. With my c*** still hard she had me put on a pair of pink satin panties that hardly held my c*** in. Oh you look so sweet just as I thought you would. Back from the shock and numbness of all that was taking place I looked into the mirror and seen myself dressed in female lingerie. You will remain in this all day do you understand? Okay I said.

Lets go to the kitchen as she pulled me buy my hand. Laying back on the table with her knees in the air and her feet on the edge of the table she told me to sit down. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her p**** saying, alright my little sissy boy eat my p**** and do a good job if you know what is good for you. I could see she was glistening with wetness as I licked her wet p****. She moaned in delight saying that's it sissy boy do your job and do not miss a drop of my juices. I spent the rest of the day in my garter nylons and panties. She asked how I liked our session we had and if it was something I wanted more of? I told her that it was fine and I would like more if that is what she wanted.

The next morning before leaving she said that I should start wearing the panties she bought for me and shave all my hair. She would be back next friday and turn me into a proper sissy for her needs. This immediantely made me erect and she said, I see you do like being my sissy boy. Giving me a big french kiss she got into her car and left.

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  • ZTiHI
    10 days ago Report 1 Reply

  • I am a older male one day as a joke I ask a lady friend of mine if she ever dress a man in women things she said no but I always want too I told her look if like I let you dress me in girly clothes I always want to try on girl clothes once I wore panties well then when do you want me to dress you up I told her right now I do any thing you like that when she said fine remove your clothes I did as told then I was shove in the shower she rub cream all over me then I was wash off and dry she hand me thong panties as I put them on she got two fake b****** they had glue around them she put them on my b****** I was told to hold them then came the bra she made sure it was tight she told me it help keep the b****** in place then I sat in a chair were she did my toe nails in a bright pink she wait for awhile I ask if I could see what I look like she said if I do what in it for me I told you I will do anything that when she said show me your mine just then she pull her slack down and I saw a big dido c*** well what are you waiting for I got down and shove her c*** in my mouth as I suck she told me you are going to be my house b**** boy I stop just to said yes miss the next thing she pull out and turn me over the chair my panties were off and she start to shove her c*** in my ass soon it was all the way I beg her please make me your b**** she grab my t*** and said yes because you never be a man again she was right I became her b**** and I love her c*** now after a few month I start to work as her house maid one night a male friend came over she told me to be nice I ask how nice she said when we go to bed you come in the room I did as told once there I saw his big hard c*** I knew what my miss want I just craw on the bed and suck his c*** after that he shove in my p**** ass now three month go by and I have two master I love

  • You are one lucky sissy

  • Your are one dead paedophile!!

  • Very exciting

  • We all started some place. You where meant to be a sissy if you accepted it that easily. This makes me jealous. I hope all turned out alright. "C"

  • I was 13 when I was turned into a sissy, by my older sister. She needed girlfriend to go on a double date with her. First she removed all hair below my neck. And dressed me up as a sexy teenage girl. My date was a tall teenage black boy. I did as my sister said, if he kissed me to kiss back. He ran his hands up under my skirt, squeezing my ass.

  • I wish I could get somebody to transform me into a adult sissy baby there is anybody in the world that would transform me into a sissy baby they could email me mikevirgil58@yahoo.com because I will do anything it takes to be transformed into a sissy baby and that is the honest truth hope to hear from somebody soon

  • I'm a mommy domme on a site called Imvu. I have sissy babies and I'd love for you to be mine. Email me at starshooter89120@yahoo.com. I will tell you what you will need to become a sissy baby.

  • I wear diapers from surgery,like to chat.my email is babyguy306@gmail.com.i also wear girl things.

  • You are a sick twit!

  • I am very athletic when I was 16 I had a guy friend stay over night with me he had a crush on my step-mom and stole the pair of her panties so he could sniff him the next day my stepmother found them underneath my bed and accuse me of wanting to wear panties so she made me put them on I never knew how much it would excite me and change my s** life completely since then I have craved to be dominated and turned into a sissy s***

  • I want be turned into a adult sissy baby and I need a mommy to take care of me and treat me like a one-year-old baby girl if there is a mommy out there it will do that for me email me mikevirgil58@yahoo.com I will do anything to have a mommy take care of me and be mommies little sissy baby

  • I wish I could get a mommy that would take care of me and treat me like a one-year-old baby girl

  • I wish i started dressing when i was younger but now I'm to old

  • That's very very sweet .

  • My boyfriend made dress for night out, as a sissy,and two yrs later I am still his sissy

  • You are a skillful narrator even if your spelling and grammar need some work. I enjoyed your story very much.

  • I wish my lady was into forcing femming and making me her sissy s***. She doesnt know i love when she makes me go on halloween as a woman, and this last halloween, i was all dressed slutty with a super short skirt, my tiny thong panties i picked up just for that night say "deliveries in the rear" and when she was not around i pulled them up whale tail style so guys could see and had s** with two hung guys, who i later introduced her to and at the end of the night she had them in our bed in both holes and they came inside her. Then they both did me again when she was in the shower.... and she doesnt know.

    I want my lady to make me only experience sexual pleasure from d***** and men. I want her to make me wax and shave, and encourage me to pick up guys. I want her to laugh as i moan like a woman as i m********* with my large d*****, or when a guy f**** me. I want her to call me a sissy f*****, and ask me how i like being a girl. I want her to sneak me hormones without my knowing, and turn me into a woman. My ex loved watching her gay cousin and his giant 10" ultra thick partner pound me for 45 minutes me screaming like a woman having her first multiple o*****, begging for it harder and faster, to the point if he answered the door i would start blowing him and riding him in the living room.

  • I love this story, it's so like my lifestyle. I'm kept as a submissive sissy boy by my dominant girlfriend, she keeps me as her house girl and I live by her rules.
    I am kept totally hairless, waxed every three weeks by one of her friends.
    My testes and s****** have been removed and my p**** is permanently tucked to keep my girlie shape It's amazing what you can have done in Amsterdam.
    I have permanent breast forms and wear matching bra,panties and suspender belt
    I have my "period" and my Tampax is inserted in my little girl p**** and the cord attached to my panties so I feel it pull with every step I take
    When Lorna entertains I am dressed as her maid my dress is high necked to keep my head up and short to show off my sheer panties and lacy stocking tops. I am at the call of her guests and am to serve their every demand. I have been thoroughly taught the expert art of cullinus to complete satisfaction, I am caned should I not satisfy.
    My "mistress " will occasionally give me release with her strap on if I've been a good sissy

  • Great start to your story. It got me hard thinking I was the guy wearing the sexy undies

  • Hey I am a crossdresser I love to cross-dress I am an older male I love the way it feels I'd love to have hot s** with other men I love to be treated like a woman and I just love it all

  • You need to have some red lipstick on your lips and put a nice red lipstick ring around the BOTTOM of my c*** . ... don't you?

  • I want that

  • Lucky guy. Submissive Sissy/Dominant Lady is the best relationship.

  • Good story bad spelling

  • I got hard just reading about the experience. wish it was me

  • Loved that, as well as thank-you. It's a bit hard to figure where my life is going these days, as being TS from an early age

  • Love it

  • I want to be dressup and pimpout I want to be a sissygirl slave

  • Yes my girl friend brought me some panties and ask me to wear them i said yes i would love to wear your panties that when she told me they are your panties i brought them for you i told here i do not wear panties yes you will just then she open her robe do you like what you see i told her yes would you like to suck my t*** i said yes then put your panties on and i do any thing you want i toke the panties and put them on she walk over and told me you look nice in pantie and you should wear them all the time i put my arm around her and told her yes if that what you want then she went and us some drink i did not know what happen i woke up in bed tie to it she came in and look at me i see my little girl awake i was now in a bra and panties i look my toe nails were red she untie me i sat up i look in the mirror to see the bra i had b****** she told me she glue form b****** on and only i can remove them then she hand me a dress i put it on now that you are dress here the deal you are now my sissy b**** you will do all the house work and for that my dear i let you suck my new strap-on c*** i knew this is what you want when i saw the picture of sissy girl sucking male c*** well after three years i am now her slave and yes i love her c***

  • Wow that nice story

  • I love it......your such a s*** and we know that you like it...YOU SEE i LOVE IT TOO AND WISH THAT BOTH OF YOU COULD STOP BY MY PLACE!!!!!

  • Now after three years i have my own b****** she had me birth control pills that made my b****** grow out nice and round and mmy ass nice and round she told me you look lovey i cant wait to take you with my strap-on c*** i knew what she want i pull up my dress and pull my thong panties down and told her master here my p**** ass make me your sissy b**** i want your c*** in my p**** ass just then she shove it in me it hurt a bit but soon i was backing up to her c*** and beg her to do it hard then she ask what are you i am your b**** and here to please my master

  • Wear do you live? I can have play dates and sleep overs!

  • Vermont

  • I live in the Northern Central top of Iowa. I am the writer of the story. Sissy "M"

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